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When AM Group implemented Joblogic, the benefits of a real-time interface between engineers and the office were delivered immediately. Unnecessary paperwork has been eliminated from the job cycle, forms and signatures can be completed and captured by Joblogic Mobile, and the time to invoice has been reduced dramatically.

About AM Group

AM Group specialise in central heating repairs, installation and maintenance and is one of the leading mechanical services companies in the North West. Originally formed in 1959 by Mr W Ashley, Ashley McDonough is a family company employing over 40 fitting and service employees.

Benefits of Using Joblogic

After previously implementing Joblogic, Joblogic Mobile was the obvious choice to help further improve Ashley & McDonough’s operations. The
company had previously streamlined their business through the implementation of Joblogic which improved their cash flow and customer service.

Joblogic was used to improve the efficiency of the job cycle:

  • Engineers now receive job details via Joblogic Mobile on their handheld device, reducing time spent on phone calls.
  • Job progress can be monitored in real-time.
  • Joblogic Mobile allows engineers to capture signatures so job sheets can be completed electronically and invoices raised immediately

One of the key deliverables AM Group wanted to achieve from Joblogic was the use of bespoke forms. The company has a dedicated Gas Safety Department which provides certificates to private and social housing landlords. Previously admin staff had to spend a lot of their time organising large volumes of paperwork. Now, because the forms have been added to Joblogic Mobile and can be completed on site, certificates can be sent to the office, stored in a central database and emailed to clients.



Gone are the telephone calls trying to get hold of engineers to pass them instructions and details! Now everything is sent using Joblogic Mobile and we can see what engineers are working on in real-time.

Mike Ashley
Managing Director
AM Group

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