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Keep you customers in the loop about the job they’ve booked so you can keep them satisfied and reatain their customer, through the power of automated customer messaging.

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The key to customer satisfaction is delivering a high-quality service. That’s not just about completing the job quickly, but in keeping the customer informed about what’s going on. With Joblogic’s customer notification software you can automatically capture and update the status of every job or enquiry. By connecting your back-office system to your engineers in the field, your clients can get updated when engineers are making their way to the property, are already on-site, or the job is completed, all in real-time.


Email documents and forms to your customers with Joblogic

Management of Contacts

Not all clients have a single point of contact. Commercial and industrial customers may have multiple people that need to be alerted, whilst domestic customers might need to be contacted by a different medium. With Joblogic’s customer notification software you can configure your alerts to suit the clients' requirements. When using SMS or email to alert that an engineer has been dispatched, or providing estimated times of arrival, you can include an engineer's photo ID so customers know when and who to look out for. You can customise the notification to meet the customer’s needs, which has been shown to dramatically reduce instances of no-access.

Provide updates on events within each job

Management of Events

With Joblogic you can handle all your customer alerts through a single system and have total control of when an alert is sent via email or SMS. You can set up triggers for specific messages to be sent to customers to advise them of appointment times, when engineers are enroute, when jobs are completed, invoiced and more. With control of when messages get sent and the ability to send personalised messages, you’ll be able to keep your customers in the know about the status of their job, keep them satisfied with your service so they’ll come back to you for future work, and recommend you to others.

Add professional custom branding to your messages

Professional Branding

We understand that your brand is important, which is why we believe in excellent design. You can send professionally branded messages through our customer notification system that render perfectly for phone, tablet or desktop devices. Whatever device your customer uses, we will make sure that we present your brand - including your logo - in a memorable way. This has been proven to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Notification Software

Put simply, if you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction then using customer notification software is a great way to do it! By automatically sending proactive notifications (such as when someone is on the way to the customer to complete the job) via text messages or emails, you can keep your customer up to date with the status of their job, helping you leave them engaged and satisfied with the entire process.

It can be tempting to think that with the various means of reaching out to customers that already exist (such as phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook messenger etc), that customer notification software is a waste of time. Whilst you can obviously reach out to your customers via these messaging platforms, the reality is that it will be a manual process. In contrast with customer messaging software like Joblogic, you’ll be able to automate these messages, so your office or field teams won’t have to do anything manually, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks and jobs.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is derived from the customer’s needs being met in an efficient and high-quality manner. There are certain core elements (lack of communication, lateness, poor quality of service) that will often cause the customer to be dissatisfied with the service. With customer messaging software though you can help alleviate some of these issues by using the automated workflow triggers to send automated messages via text, or email, to notify the customer about what’s happening when certain events happen (such as the engineer or field team member being the on the way to their job). This allows the client to know what’s going on and will result in them having a better experience overall.