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Save time and boost the productivity of your tree care business with Joblogic’s market-leading arborist business software.

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Joblogic’s tree service software is the ideal cloud-based solution for arborists to control their entire business operation. From a single platform, they can manage their clients, field staff, service schedules, quotes, invoices payments and more.

Tree Service Software Helps You Secure More Work with Fast, Custom-Built Quotes – Section Image

Tree Service Software Helps You Secure More Work with Fast, Custom-Built Quotes

With Joblogic, you can build your own custom quotes and estimates in a matter of minutes. This is great for arborists who want to speed up their daily operations and win more contracts with potential customers.

Arborist business software allows you to:

  • Add professional branding and custom-design templates.
  • Create custom fields to include all unique material and labour costs.
  • Collect deposits and customer signatures on contracts.
  • Seamlessly convert quotes to invoices without duplicate data entry.
  • Accept payments online or in the field.
  • Get a breakdown of the profitability on the quote.
  • Provide your customers access to a customer portal that allows them to track and log jobs requests.
Schedule Arborist Jobs in Seconds Using Tree Service Software - Section Image

Schedule Arborist Jobs in Seconds Using Tree Service Software

Joblogic is the perfect arborist scheduling software for deploying your arborists in the field. It allows you to drive a far more cost-effective operation by ensuring that the right man is always allocated to the right job. This will serve to boost daily productivity and reduce your overhead spending.

Your businesses can utilise:

  • A drag and drop scheduler for easy job deployment.
  • Advanced job filtering to zero in on high-priority work.
  • Automated GPS tracking on your arborists in the field.
  • Real-time route optimisation to plan and deliver on more jobs per day.
  • Move jobs between arborists and batch deploy jobs
  • Highlight mandatory jobs that need to be completed
  • Log jobs on site from the mobile app
Use Tree Service Software to Ramp up Workforce Productivity – Section Image

Use Tree Service Software to Ramp up Workforce Productivity

There's no room for guesswork in the business of planting and removing trees. That's why it's vital to equip your arborists with a mobile job management tool that gives them everything they need in the palm of their hand. In doing so, your field staff can:

  • Access work orders, site histories, job sheets and mobile forms.
  • Capture site notes, photos and customer signatures on the go, and create new quotes for additional work on-site.
  • Streamline job reporting by letting staff receive information in real-time.
  • Generate and approve invoices
  • Access back-office features through mobile application
Send Real-Time Alerts & Notifications Via Tree Service Software - Section Image

Send Real-Time Alerts & Notifications Via Tree Service Software

Effective communication with customers is a key trait of any successful business. Tree surgeon software lets you automate all client messaging to keep them up to speed with arborist arrival times and job status updates in real-time. Not only will this reduce the admin burden, but you'll also gain more plaudits from your customers. Joblogic allows you to:

  • Send automated alerts and appointment reminders to customers via SMS or email.
  • Provide real-time status updates on job progress.
  • Send automated follow-up emails to detail work completion with arborist reports, photos, and site notes.
  • Accept job and work requests online out of hours.
Use Tree Service Software to Streamline Your Invoicing - Section Image

Use Tree Service Software to Streamline Your Invoicing

Arborist business software gives you the freedom to build custom invoices, bill your customers at any time and automate the entire invoice process. In short, Joblogic will allow you to streamline your entire business operation, from the initial quote all the way through to final payment collection. Arborists will be able to:

  • Send digital invoices to clients in real-time.
  • Attach relevant job reports, photos and site notes.
  • Stand out with customisable, branded invoice templates.
  • Generate Credit Invoices
  • Export invoices

The Best Tree Service Software

Track the status and progress of new tree service jobs through to completion.

  • Quick job logging
  • Job searches & editing
  • Reporting

Schedule arborists in the field with just a few, easy clicks.

  • Drag & drop scheduler
  • Visual status updates
  • Live GPS tracking

Offline App for iOS and Android connecting your back-office and arborists in the field.

  • Deploy jobs to engineers
  • Use Joblogic mobile in the field
  • Industry Compliant

Plan complex tree maintenance schedules for each customer site.

  • Asset registers
  • Create PPM schedules
  • Task driven maintenance
  • Bill & renew contracts

See your arborist locations at all times on a map and check historical journeys.

  • Gain visibility of mobile engineers
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Historical tracking

Bespoke workflows and forms for mobile including certificates, job sheets and risk assessments.

  • Industry standard forms
  • Health & safety compliance
  • Bespoke forms

Speed up invoicing and improve cash flow.

  • Job by job invoicing
  • Batch invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Frequent billing

Track enquiries to quotations and upgrade to jobs in a click of a button.

  • Track new enquiries & quotes
  • Turn quotes into live jobs

Integrate Joblogic with your accounts system to avoid double entry of data.

  • Sage
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • KashFlow
  • FreeAgent

Give your customers real-time notifications & alerts.

  • View dashboards & reports
  • Real time status updates
  • View quotes & invoices

Automatic job costing with profit and loss reports for every job.

  • Automated job costing
  • Powerful reporting

Survey, record and maintain equipment at multiple customer sites.

  • Asset surveys
  • Site asset register
  • Maintenance planning
  • QR code tagging

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arborist Business Software

Arborist business software (also known as tree service software) is a specialist form of software that’s been designed to provide tree service businesses with a range of features to improve business operations. Administrative areas such as job scheduling, invoice management and quote building are all improved by using arborist business software.

Arborist business software provides a range of different benefits. The most commonly reported benefits are:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved internal communications
  • In depth reporting and dashboards
  • Better customer service

Using workflow automation tools within the arborist software will enable your field service engineers and your back-office team will be able to spend less time working on administrative tasks and spend more time focusing on the work that will deliver sustainable growth for your tree service business.

Joblogic arborist software has several features that will enable you to effectively manage and monitor you’re your invoices and quotes throughout the entire lifecycle of a job. With the ability to create quotes that break costs down into multiple sections, and get quotes approved by clients via a customer portal, the starting point of a job can be easily handled. Once work is complete, the software can generate invoices that can easily be paid by clients with the push of a button.