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Payments Integration

Payments Integration

Accept credit and debit card payments securely with Joblogic thanks to our payment integration software.

The most challenging aspect of any service business is ensuring prompt payment of invoices. Collecting invoice payments can be both time-consuming and costly. Supplying your mobile workforce with card payment machines and the associated monthly bank administration fees reduce job profitability. Secure electronic payment links – via a pay per transaction Stripe account – can now be added to an invoice when sending emails to your clients from Joblogic.


Receiving payments through Joblogic software

Taking Payments

Joblogic allows you to add a unique ‘Pay Now’ link to each invoice emailed out to your clients. Invoices are quickly generated by Joblogic allowing your customers to view their invoice online in a professionally branded web page and from the same screen. You can securely pay for an invoice by credit or debit card. Payment is collected electronically using a Stripe account with a competitive per transaction fee and no monthly subscription charges. Joblogic's payment integration software provides a secure electronic payment gateway, ensuring safer online payments and a cost-effective process.

Digital invoice library

Recording Payments

Joblogic payment management software is designed to work with our Accounts Integration module. Any payments made by your customers though the electronic payment link, or by other methods, are stored against the invoice. This is then passed into your accounts package using our live accounts integrations. All recorded payments update the invoice to show a remaining balance until the invoice is paid in full. When this happens the invoice status is then marked as paid.

Secure payment protection

High Security

Payments are securely made via a pay per transaction Stripe account. Any credit card that you use with Stripe is encrypted and safely stored in their data-centre. Moreover, Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transferring card numbers operates through a separate hosting platform. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 and has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor. Therefore, Stripe makes use of the best in-class security tools to maintain a high level of security with your payment integration.

Integration with Stripe

Connecting Stripe

It is easy to connect to your Stripe account by going into the Joblogic Settings and selecting ‘Company Details’. Then, navigate to the ‘Payment Options’ tab. From this screen, you can connect to your Stripe account. Once Joblogic and Stripe are connected, you will have the option to include a Portal link when emailing approved invoices to your clients.This will allow your customers to access the link, then press the ‘Pay Securely’ button that will take them to a secure Stripe payment page to make a payment to you. Whether a payment has been successful or not, both your back office and the user will be notified. You can view a list of your successful payments on the Invoice Detail screen in your Joblogic system.

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