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Job Costing Software

Using job costing software can make it easy to track costs against even the smallest of jobs.

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Jobs can differ in size from small reactive works to larger projects in the service and maintenance industry. In this environment, job costing and profitability often get overlooked. When a manual management system is in place, it is very time-consuming to monitor the costs accrued for each job. Using software for job costing can make it easy to track costs against even the smallest of jobs. It can automatically feed time and costs into reports and invoices to help make the tracking and reporting process as seamless as possible. 


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Visualise Job Costs & Profitability Instantly

Job costing software is an ideal tool for understanding where your profit is generated. By using Joblogic, you'll be able to monitor the following:

  • Estimated costs: You can see the cost estimates broken down into each task.
  • Quoted costs: These can be easily integrated with quotes to build a clear picture of your quoted cost.
  • Actual costs: Monitor your actual costs in real time. This will be very useful in checking whether your field staff are quoting their jobs accurately.
  • Profitability: View the profit made on each job. This will help you to make more informed decisions and determine whether your quotes are too low or high.
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How to Set Up Your Job Costing Software

It’s simple to set up job costing rules that accurately report on company spend and profits. You can create hourly cost rates against each engineer and review staff timesheets to apply a basic or overtime pay rate based on the time and day of the week. Joblogic also provides a full parts library that allows you to calculate the material costs for each job. With this information, you can easily determine the labour costs and percentage mark-ups on your materials for each job and customer.

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Automate Your Job Costing

Your company can save time by automating its job or project costing. No matter your size or requirements, Joblogic's software for small businesses and large enterprises can cater for you. The software can automatically calculate travel and labour costs for a job based on the times recorded by your field engineer on the mobile app. Parts and tools used by staff can also be recorded and priced against an individual job with their job costing app. Once this information is received in the office, managers can automatically see the job's overall cost and the customer's sales value. Profit and profit margins are also clearly visible on-screen. Providing they're happy with the above, managers can send an invoice to the customer immediately.

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Use Job Costing Software to Create Powerful Reports

By creating reports with job costing software, you’ll be able to easily visualise your results to make more informed business decisions. Joblogic offers a range of job costing reports which can be categorised by jobs, customers and geographic location. Our contract performance reports take all job costs and compare them with the total turnover for a contract. It also provides a breakdown of all quotes and planned maintenance which is especially useful when renewing contracts with customers and negotiating prices. Work-in-progress reports, which accrue costs against an ongoing job, and timesheet reports can also prove to be highly valuable. All reports within your job costing system are easily exportable to Microsoft Excel.

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Key Benefits of Job Costing Software

  • Keep on track with ALL of your jobs: See a full breakdown of your company's jobs and filter by different types. You can view staff allocation, estimated completion dates and other key milestones from one central platform.
  • Track time against estimated time: Avoid cost overrunning by monitoring how many hours a job is taking against the original time estimate.
  • Easy job set-up: You can create a job in just a few clicks. Simply create a customer, add a job name and job state, and you're good to go.
  • Smarter reporting: Visualise job statuses and field staff allocation at-a-glance with automated reporting functions.
  • Simplify job scheduling: Aid future forecasts and staff scheduling by understanding who's working on what.
  • Never miss deadlines: Keep on track with all major completion dates with a responsive job calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Job Costing Software

Job costing software is a specialist tool for businesses that enables you to accurately track and manage costs associated with specific projects or jobs. This allows you to allocate expenses to individual jobs, giving you the capability of getting an in-depth breakdown of costs on each job that’s being worked on. Through time tracking and stock management features you can make informed decisions based on real-time data and identify how much of a profit margin you have for a job, and collate all the information into a single profitability report.

With job costing software in place, you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits such as:
a) Accurate cost tracking - Job costing software allows you to monitor the costs associated with every job you take as well as collate it all into a single big-picture report so you can see where your money is being spent.

b) Make better decisions using the comprehensive data to manage jobs better by helping you prioritise jobs, allocate the correct resources and work out if you’re pricing your work at the right level.