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Gas Certificate App

Gas Certificate App

Manage, store, and share your gas safety certificates with ease.

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An essential part of a gas engineer’s job is to ensure that the gas certificates are accurately completed and saved. But, this isn’t always easy and that’s where Joblogic’s gas certificate app plays an important role. Our gas safety certificate software and mobile app allow you to create, manage and store a full library of certificates with a few simple clicks.


Gas safety certificate app on smartphone

Streamline, Organise and Share Certificates

A gas certificate app is an ideal tool for engineers in the field. Joblogic lets you access a full list of certificates on your mobile device or tablet. These can be easily shared and stored alongside customers’ details and job histories.

  • Streamline your business with centralised, paperless documents. Joblogic keeps your digital gas certificates safe and in one place. This ensures that you always have comprehensive gas safety records to hand.
  • Keep your certificates organised. Save time by storing all your certificates in one easy-to-use system. From there, you can easily label, sort and navigate your library of gas certificates online. You can also view, download and share historical certificates at any time.
  • Save time on admin. Joblogic’s gas certificate app lets engineers enter data quickly on the go. This is ideal when checking gas appliances or conducting gas safety inspections on-site.
  • Share gas certificates in real-time. With Joblogic, you’ll never rely on the office to send out paper copies. You can now send them electronically to customers whilst on-site, as soon as they’re complete.
Gas safety certificate on desktop and smartphone

Access a Full Library of Online Gas Certificates

Joblogic lets you use a full library of forms and certificates. You can access them at any time, whether you're working from the office or using the mobile app in the field. Our library includes:

  • Domestic Gas Safety Certificates (CP12)
  • Non-Domestic Gas Safety Certificates (CP17)
  • Service and Maintenance Checklists (CP6)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Safety Certificates
  • Warning Notice Certificates (CP14)
  • Warning Notices (RIDDOR)
  • Catering Appliance Gas Safety Certificates (CP42)
  • Non-Domestic Plant Commissioning Service Records
  • Central Heating Commissioning/ Inspection Records
  • Commercial Gas Testing and Purging Forms
  • Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage Vessel Commissioning/ Inspection Records
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning Checklists
Custom gas safe certificates with Joblogic

Create and Customise Your Certificates

It’s not enough to keep your gas certificates accurate and well-organised - you also need to demonstrate your professionalism to customers. Joblogic lets you create your own professional templates from scratch. You can personalise certificates with your own logos and colour schemes to make your brand stand out. Those that you create will be automatically stored in the cloud, meaning that you can access and update them from anywhere. From there, it’s a few simple clicks to send your new, professional documents straight to the customer when a job is complete.

Capture customer signatures on your Joblogic app

Capture Customer Signatures Electronically

Joblogic’s gas certificate app makes it easy to capture customer signatures in the field. This is ideal for speeding up the client sign-off process by ensuring that documents, like CP12 landlord gas certificates, can be approved immediately. It takes seconds for your engineers to capture the necessary signatures on-site and guarantee that their work is legally compliant. Managers can also receive this information in real time. You can save even more time too by auto-filling customer details on your digital gas safety certificate when it’s created on-site. There’s no need to copy their details over manually every time. This cuts the admin burden in half and lets your engineers focus on the job at hand.

Route planning software for gas safety engineers

Manage Your Jobs from Start to Finish

You can use Joblogic for much more than just gas certificates. Our all-in-one field service software allows you to manage your entire team of gas engineers more efficiently. Stand-out features include:

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