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M&E Maintenance | Customer Case Study (2020) | Joblogic®

HVAC & Commercial Building Services

M&E Maintenance

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M&E Maintenance Solutions (HVAC specialists) have been a long term customer of Joblogic, having used our HVAC software for more than 6 years. Since using the system, M&E have seen significant increases in their financial turnover, staff retention and customer referrals.

About M&E Maintenance

M&E Maintenance Solutions specialises in commercial building and HVAC services maintenance. Founded in 2007, the Birmingham-based business is vastly experienced in handling a wide range of building services issues, from general maintenance to major repairs and installations.

The growth of M&E Maintenance Solutions has been due to the efficiencies shown through Joblogic's mobile technology and we feel the future is very bright for our next generation of engineers.

M&E Maintenance
Stuart Butcher
Managing Director
M&E Maintenance Solutions

Key benefits of HVAC software for M&E Maintenance

  • Greater Visibility and Control: Thanks to the software’s integrated platform, managers can monitor their contract performance and job profitability at the touch of a button! The customer portal has also been ideal for giving clients access to their job reports and asset health in real-time.
  • They’ve Gone Paperless: By using Joblogic’s integrated mobile app, all data duplication and excessive paperwork is now completely avoided. This has saved trips for engineers to the office with jobs now available for dispatch in seconds.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Previously it's taken M&E Maintenance up to 4 to 6 weeks to finalise invoices following the completion of a job. Now that process is reduced to within a day or week depending on the type of work they have. This has greatly improved the businesses' cash flow and has freed up more resources daily.

With powerful planning features available including the ability to create full site asset registers and weekly planning reports for schedulers and customers, M&E Maintenance can now ensure that no task is missed during the day, week or month.

With a responsive mobile app that works offline on smartphones or tablets, M&E’s field engineers can be up to speed with all aspects of a job ahead of their site visit. They can easily receive equipment information, a full site history and industry-standard service sheets in real-time.

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