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Cut down on how long it takes to get engineers to the job site by using mobile engineer tracking software to assign the closest engineers.

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When outside of the office it can be hard to know exactly where your engineers are. This can make it hard to know who to assign jobs to, which can impact your ability to get an engineer to a job as quickly as possible. Joblogic’s mobile engineer tracking app lets you know the geographic location of your engineers in real-time, letting you select the engineers best suited to take a job and keep your customers in the loop on when they’ll be arriving.


Live GPS tracking of your field service engineers

Live GPS Tracking

With live GPS tracking, you can see where all your engineers are in real-time, allowing you to identify which engineers is geographically located in the best position to complete a job that’s come in. The real-time location of your engineers is displayed on an embedded Google Map along with any relevant job information and job status whilst also updating every five minutes, providing you with a valuable tool to assign, track and monitor jobs.

If you've got lots of engineers, you can filter the display with your field engineer tracking software to show you the resources you have across each area for even easier job scheduling and management.

Historical tracking data of your service engineers

Historical Tracking

Whilst live tracking can help you schedule jobs more efficiently, our historical tracking tool can be used to verify timesheets. Each change in job status is automatically GPS stamped on our engineer tracking app. This means we can show you the exact position of your engineer when they said that they arrived or left a customer site, including a historic dot/ line view that shows you the exact direction followed. Joblogic can also show routes taken by engineers during the day so that you have a complete picture from when they travelled to their first job to when they arrived back at the office or home. Joblogic also provides route optimisation software to help your engineers reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

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