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Joblogic VoIP Telephony System

Joblogic VoIP Telephony System

Enhance business collaboration by allowing managers, employees and customers to easily communicate with one another, simply by using an internet connection.

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We are proud to announce that we are now able to offer a Joblogic-hosted VoIP telephony system – Joblogic VoIP.  To make this possible, we researched the market to find the best VoIP companies and have partnered with a leading supplier to ensure a quality telephony system which rivals our main competitor, BT. This provides a simple and flexible solution for internal and external communication. It allows multiple calls between management and employees, to effectively collaborate across the business and to communicate with their customers.

Read more about our Joblogic VoIP Telephony Service or alternatively, speak to a member of our dedicated team by emailing voip@joblogic.com or call 0121 285 5569.


VoIP technology accessible from multiple devices

Accessible from Multiple Devices

    • No hardware needed:

No additional hardware is needed to use our VoIP software. All that’s required is any device which can access the internet.

    • Works on any device:

Connect via your telephone handset, or simply download the app onto your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet to have instant access, with a fully connected online service anytime, anywhere.

    • Flexible Communication:

With a fully-integrated, cloud-based VoIP telephone system available to an unlimited amount of users, staff have a simple way of contacting both employees and customers.

Desktop and headset with Joblogic VoIP

Company Compliance & Call Handling

Joblogic VoIP gives you the option to monitor and record calls, to keep your team compliant and to keep for training purposes. You can also manage inclusive call groups who are specifically set to take incoming calls.

Cloud based software for telephony system

Competitive Product

Set to rival our main competitor, BT, we offer a no commitment, rolling contract with no upfront or connection fees, at a cheaper monthly cost. 90% of the Joblogic telephony quotes are cheaper or, match the price of other telephony providers.

Smartphone with VoIP telephony system

Features of Joblogic VoIP

  • No commitment, 30-day rolling contract
  • £15 per month, per person
  • 500 inclusive pooled minutes per month, per person
  • Completely free setup
  • Port your company number for free
  • 2 inclusive call groups
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