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Boiler Servicing Software

Boiler Servicing Software

Managing the annual servicing of boilers and other heating appliances at multiple customer properties.

Plumbing and heating contractors typically carry out boiler and gas appliance servicing  in addition to reactive maintenance and installations. Recording service dates against customers, sending regular service reminders and scheduling the work is a time-consuming process that creates a real admin burden for any back office. Joblogic’s boiler servicing software can help to manage this process efficiently, saving time and money.


Auto renewal of planned boiler servicing jobs

Boiler Service Dates that Auto-Renew

With Joblogic Service Management Software, each property can have an annual boiler service date. Once you import your customers into the system, it's easy to include the last service date against the customer. You can also set periodic  service reminders to notify all of your customers. When you're ready, you can create all of the service jobs that fall into a date range and schedule the jobs to your engineers. You can configure Joblogic to create the next service job automatically. Some contractors choose to do this on a 10-month renewal, giving them 2 months to make sure that they can get into the property and remain compliant.

*Please note: This feature is only available within the desktop version of Joblogic's software.

Joblogic mobile app

Mobile App for Boiler Servicing

When you deploy a service job to your engineer's mobile app they will get the full customer details and any appliance information on their smartphone or tablet. The engineer can edit the appliance information, add new appliances and complete landlord gas safety certificates. They can also complete gas warning notices on their mobile device if required. Thanks to Joblogic's gas certificate app, gas safety certs are auto-attached to the job so that the back office can see what's been done.

GPS tracking for boiler servicing engineers

No Access Records & GPS Tracking

If the engineer can't get into the property they can record a 'No Access'. Joblogic can set up No Access reminder letters or emails that can be sent to a client and tenant. Joblogic's GPS tracking proves that an engineer has visited the property. This allows our service reminder software to assist in resolving any disputes about attendance.

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