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About Oakland

In 1986, when Oakland first formed, they were solely based in the county of Worcestershire. As the business has grown, they have been able to branch out all across the UK and today they have an impressive list of over 300 clients from all over the country. Specialising in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and Trend BEMS controls, their unique combination of services for facilities management cover mechanical & engineering, all the way through to environmental and integrated solutions.

Oakland pride themselves on designing services to help building owners create and maintain a safe, comfortable and productive working environment.

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our current resource more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.

Oakland Air Control
Dave Rawlings
Managing Director
Oakland Air Control Ltd

Why Joblogic?

Joblogic’s facility management software has transformed Oakland’s back-office coordination:

  • Joblogic allows Oakland to maximise the number of jobs they can complete in a day by being able to visualise spaces and schedule more jobs between visits.
  • Engineers are able to service assets on the go, and are able to report back to the office the condition of the asset using text, photos & bespoke reports.
  • Invoices can be raised and sent to the client instantly from the point of job completion.
  • Joblogic mobile enables real-time communication between the office staff and engineers. This allows all work to be completed and recorded accurately and efficiently.
  • Forms can be completed straight away from their engineers’ mobile devices. This has eliminated inaccurate details, missed or duplicated forms.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Asset management is now easier for Oakland as all of their asset information, across all sites, is organised and easily accessible. All equipment is assigned with both ID numbers and QR codes to enable more precise and faster asset identification for both Oakland and Client traceability.

Oakland is now able to quickly generate reports, such as planned maintenance & asset reviews, for their staff and clients from the data that is stored in the system. This has allowed them to make more informed business decisions moving forward.

Oakland's customers are constantly kept in the loop by the use of the Customer Portal. Both the office staff and their clients can track and manage jobs, and provide real-time updates to all past, current and future visits.

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