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Asset Maintenance Software

Surveying, tracking, and maintaining assets at multiple customer sites.

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Building service companies and facilities managers are required to store details of fixed assets to ensure safety and compliance. If the asset register in a building is inaccurate then it’s impossible to guarantee that maintenance work is being carried out thoroughly and that both up-time and safety obligations are being met. Joblogic’s asset maintenance software gives businesses a clear overview of the equipment on-site, the condition and history of the equipment, and the planned maintenance schedule.


What are the Major Benefits of Asset Maintenance Software? - Section Image

What are the Major Benefits of Asset Maintenance Software?

No hardware: Use your existing smartphones and tablets to carry out asset management.
Go paperless: Eliminate manual asset tracking by replacing time-consuming spreadsheets with an all-in-one asset tracking software.
Automated reporting: Create automated, custom-built reports to help visualise your asset life cycles.
Free mobile app: Asset tracking and management on any device wherever you are with our cloud-synchronised mobile app.
Fits your business needs: Use custom field options within Joblogic to create and monitor unique assets for customers.
Built-in QR code scanner: Easily locate and identify a specific item by searching assets you've already logged in Joblogic.
Bulk import: Streamline workflows by adding site assets in a bulk import.
Prioritise jobs: Jobs can be automatically prioritised according to the class allocated against the assets or equipment.

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You Can Use Asset Maintenance Software For:

Equipment maintenance and asset tracking: Joblogic tracks your equipment more effectively via cloud-based software. The user can track where an asset is located, whether it needs repairing, and who last checked it.
Facilities management: Managing large quantities of similar assets for compliance checks can take time. Joblogic allows you to manage and categorise all similar assets to simplify record keeping.
Purchase order management: Keep track of an asset's PO, purchase order date, purchase cost, and vendor.
Government-mandated compliance: Ensure that fixed assets are controlled and accounted for in accordance with industry compliance laws throughout their useful life cycle.

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Simplify Processes Using Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Surveys: Maintenance contractors require an easy way to survey buildings when tendering for or planning maintenance tasks for buildings. Our field asset maintenance software allows engineers to quickly record the details of each piece of equipment on their mobile app during a site survey. They can also categorise each asset type on their mobile by selecting from the drop-down item menu. The make and model can be recorded as well as the serial number, installation date, and condition of the asset.

Site Asset Registers: Once asset details are recorded in Joblogic by an engineer onsite, they become instantly visible to managers in the office. A site asset register can be printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also give customers access to their asset information via Joblogic's customer portal software. This allows clients the ability to view all of their buildings and assets as well as log faults and monitor planned maintenance work in real-time.

Manage Costs & Maintenance Planning with Asset Maintenance Software – Section Image

Manage Costs & Maintenance Planning with Asset Maintenance Software

With the help of our field asset maintenance software, businesses can build a complete picture of their asset net costs. Joblogic brings all required information together into a single, centralised database to ensure that planned maintenance procedures are delivered properly and on time. Compliance with ISO standards can also be guaranteed. Asset maintenance management software can:

  • Calculate a profit/loss on the installation of an asset.
  • Track and document changes to assets.
  • Plan effective service and maintenance.

When planning preventive maintenance tasks in Joblogic, managers easily set an automated visit frequency (for example monthly or weekly visits) and switch between a weekly and monthly view of your planned jobs to get a full picture of your capacity and upcoming work to aid forecast times and labour resource planning.

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Use Asset Maintenance Software to Save Time with Our QR Codes

QR codes are ideal for the ongoing maintenance of physical assets and equipment as they provide quick, easy, and streamlined access to asset data. You can easily generate a set of QR code labels and assign them to each asset with our QR code entry screen on the mobile app. Once an asset has been assigned a QR label, your engineer can simply scan the code using Joblogic mobile, and the system will find the item within seconds from your database. When the asset data has been located, the app will prompt the engineer to complete the necessary checks to add to the existing service history library.

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Asset Maintenance Software FAQs

Joblogic's mobile app for field asset management enables an engineer to quickly record the details of each item of equipment during a site survey. When adding a new asset, the app will ask the engineer for the asset category which is selectable from a dropdown list of library items. Field staff can then provide a complete description of the equipment including make and model. They can also record the serial number, location, installation date and classify the condition of the equipment. This can be easily updated with each future service.

Yes, you can. As field workers are expected to be able to access jobs, asset records, and more whilst on the road, having a mobile solution is essential. We’ve designed our cloud-based field asset maintenance software so it can be accessed via mobile devices on a specially designed app that synchronises job information in real time with the desktop software. Not only that, but our mobile app ensures your engineers can log future visits, manage asset records, and complete jobs on the move without the need for a constant internet connection.

We have specially designed our mobile app to be an asset maintenance software that works for engineers in the field, so it not only gives them access to the information they need, but it gives it to them in a user interface that’s designed for ease of use when they’re completing a job.

Yes, it does. Depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone device, you can download the Joblogic app easily.

Yes, we recommend adequate training on the Joblogic system, so we can help your staff understand and use the software to its full potential. We offer different levels of training, depending on your requirements, while our trainers can even arrange to come into your company to train your staff on our asset management platform if preferred.

Absolutely! We understand that switching to a web-based field asset management platform is a big decision and you may have different questions for us that are specific to your business. Our sales team will be happy to arrange a complete demonstration of the full Joblogic suite so you’re happy that you are getting the software you need to take your business forward. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. Use our website live chat to get in touch.