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Maintain compliance with all refrigerant gas regulations with of refrigerant (F Gas) tracking software.

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The adminsitrative burden of complying with refirgerant gas (F Gas) regulations takes up time if both your office team and your field engineers. With F Gas compliance software that tracks appliances that use F Gas and allows you to report on them in line with regulations you can make this time-consuming, and expensive, process quicker and easier to manage.

Our F Gas and refrigerant tracking compliance software has been developed in conjunction with Refcom. If you are a member of Refcom, visit our Refcom Members Zone.

Visit our Support Portal for all of our REFCOM F-Gas tracking and reporting module video tutorials and user guides.


Add gas cylinder to library with Joblogic

Gas Cylinder Management

  • Stock control of all gas bottles
  • Digital management of cylinder locations
  • Helping to minimise rental charges on bottles
View logbook with automatic updates


  • Automatically updated F-Gas Logbook
  • Inspect and monitor every asset
  • Data synchronisation of every service visit, F-Gas transaction & leak check
Refrigerant audit view on Joblogic desktop

F-Gas Tracking

  • Asset tracking - identify recurring problems
  • Generate compliance certificates and data for clients
  • Create waste transfer notes where applicable
Joblogic f gas app on mobile device

F-Gas on Joblogic Mobile

To remain compliant with F Gas regulations you need to be able to fully audit every instance of F Gas use, and all the leak tests you perform. This means you need a system to store and monitor all your F Gas transactions and leak tests. With the Joblogic mobile app your engineers can record every F gas transaction, every instance of F Gas use, and all the leak tests they perform. All the engineer needs to do is fill in a simple electronic form which will track what gas type is used, in what quantities, which sites and asset it’s on, and the cylinder serial number. The F Gas tracking software will then attach a PDF to the job so you can fully audit everything.

Dashboard view of stats for customers

Customer Reporting

With Joblogic’s F Gas compliance software you can create detail FGAS report with the click ofa button. Reports can be broken down by:

  • Date range
  • Site
  • Systems
  • Asset
  • Gas Type used
  • Engineer
  • Quantities

All reports can be accessed by customers through the customer portal, where they can download, export and print reports on demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Software

F gas is the shortened name for fluorinated gases. These are often used a refrigerant and can be found in air conditioning systems. F gases have been shown to have a detrimental impact on the environment, and as such their use is widely regulated all over the world.

In the UK F Gas regulations were originally the result of the Europeans Unions attempt to regulate the use of refrigerants (or F Gas). Even though the UK has left the EU, the laws that regulate F Gas compliance have been retained, which means HVACR businesses are still required to track the use of refrigerants if they wish to remain compliant with F Gas regulations. This includes areas such as:

  • Registering your business if you produce, import, sell, install or maintain equipment that contains refrigerants or F Gases.
  • Ensuring you use only fully qualified personnel with the proper certification to handle, recover and maintain F Gas equipment.
  • Perform leak testing as part of regular inspections and record the use, maintenance and servicing of F Gas filled equipment.
  • Submit report to the Environment Agency that identify the amounts of F gases used, supplied or recovered, as well as any leaks that have been identified, and what was done to prevent further leaks.
  • Ensure that all equipment that contains refrigerants are labelled as such, and that the records display all relevant information for at least 5 years.

If you work in HVAC Servicing or Installation then you will need to be F Gas compliant, and without refrigerant compliance software you’ll find yourself struggling to meet all the legal requirements that you need to meet. The requirement to track, report and actively monitor equipment for F Gas leaks means that you need a system that allows you to:

  • Schedule regular maintenance jobs for all equipment that contains refrigerants or other F-Gases.
  • Has reporting functionality that allows you to pull the data into easy-to-understand dashboards that will make your regulatory reports easier to do.
  • Easily identifiable the use of F Gases in equipment through asset registers that update live as new data becomes available.