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F-Gas Tracking & Compliance Software

F-Gas Tracking & Compliance Software

Full tracking of refrigerant gas use, gas bottles and customer reporting.

HVACR contractors installing and maintaining refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump equipment are legally required to track the use of refrigerant gas. This creates a compliance administration burden for both the back office and mobile engineers. It also creates a reporting requirement that contractors produce on behalf of their clients. Without a dedicated service management system or refrigerant tracking software, this process is extremely time-consuming and expensive.


We are proud to be introducing a new F-Gas tracking and reporting module developed in conjunction with Refcom. If you are a member of Refcom, visit our Refcom Members Zone.

Visit our Support Portal for all of our REFCOM F-Gas tracking and reporting module video tutorials and user guides.


Add gas cylinder to library with Joblogic

Gas Cylinder Management

  • Stock control of all gas bottles
  • Digital management of cylinder locations
  • Helping to minimise rental charges on bottles
View logbook with automatic updates


  • Automatically updated F-Gas Logbook
  • Inspect and monitor every asset
  • Data synchronisation of every service visit, F-Gas transaction & leak check
Refrigerant audit view on Joblogic desktop

F-Gas Tracking

  • Asset tracking - identify recurring problems
  • Generate compliance certificates and data for clients
  • Create waste transfer notes where applicable
Joblogic f gas app on mobile device

F-Gas on Joblogic Mobile

Joblogic Mobile will enable your engineers to record every F-Gas transaction on their mobile app. This means that all instances of gas use and leak tests are recorded. The engineer completes a simple electronic form which links the gas type used and quantity to the customer, site, system, asset and cylinder serial number. Joblogic will automatically attach a PDF of the F-Gas transaction to each job where gas is used. This provides a full audit for your back office compliance team.

Dashboard view of stats for customers

Customer Reporting

You can produce detailed FGAS reports for your customers when you need them at the click of a button. Reports can be broken down into date ranges, sites, systems, and assets. You can report by gas type used, engineer, and quantities. If they prefer, you can give your clients access to dashboards inside the Joblogic Customer Portal and they can download or print their own reports on demand.

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