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For every successful referral, you will receive a commission of up to 10% of their first-year sales value. No cost to join. Unlimited referral opportunities.

*Terms & conditions apply

How it works

Fill in the form
1. Fill in the form

Complete the short form to let us know who you are referring.

We’ll contact the referred company
2. We’ll contact the referred company

One of our consultants will get in touch to learn more about their business and to arrange a free demo of Joblogic.

Choose your reward
3. Choose your reward

If your referred contact becomes a paying customer of Joblogic, you will be able to choose from either a cash payment or voucher equal to 5% of the first year sale value, or 10% commission in points to your Joblogic account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can track the progress of your referral at any point by reaching out to us at refer@joblogic.com. Our team will be happy to update you on the status of your referral and let you know when you'll receive your referral reward.

Your commission is based on a percentage of your referred customers’ first year's sale value at the point of purchase. These are the steps we take to calculate your commission:

  • Determine the number of licences your referral will require.
  • Establish the cost of each licence. This information can be found on our pricing page.
  • Multiply the number of licences by the annual cost of each licence to determine the sale value for the first year.
  • Then use the appropriate percentage to calculate the commission against the first-year sales value.
  • Your commission will be eligible, depending on the type of contract your referred company chooses. For annual contracts, you’ll receive your chosen commission reward after their first initial payment has been made. For rolling contracts, you’ll receive your chosen commission reward after their third monthly payment is processed.*

Example using a 10% commission: Your referred customer has 20 licences at a cost of £59 per licence.
That’s [20 licences x £59 x 12 months] = the deal value for 1 year would equal £14,160. At a 10% commission rate, you would be eligible to receive £1,416 of Joblogic Points, which would equate to 12 Joblogic Points* for this particular deal.

*1 Joblogic Point = £125. Points can be used for professional services.

*Commission examples above are a standard example only. To get an accurate calculation specific to your Joblogic account or for more information regarding the referral program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. T&Cs apply.

There is no cost to join: To start, all you need to do is click the ‘Make a Referral’ button on this page and fill in the details. Once they’ve become a Joblogic customer you’ll receive your commissions subject to the terms and conditions.

No! You can make as many referrals as you want, it is completely unlimited.