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Transform the way you work with Joblogic's easy-to-use CAFM software.
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Plan, manage and optimise your entire business operation in the cloud through a single CAFM system.
  • Improve asset management
  • Communicate with contractors
  • Plan preventive maintenance
  • Boost productivity & increase profitability
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Our CAFM system customers

What is Joblogic CAFM software?

Joblogic is a computer-assisted facilities management software for FMs to control the facilities management operation for estates of any size. From single buildings to large multi-site estates, Joblogic CAFM Software offers a user-friendly, low-cost, powerful CAFM solution for asset management, managing maintenance, reactive works and compliance.

What are the main benefits?

By supporting all areas of facility management, CAFM systems allow you to prioritise work to align with your core business needs. Comply with all industry standards and regulatory requirements, plan PPM jobs and execute reactive maintenance, manage multiple assets at each facility and help to deliver long-term facilities maintenance plans, services and budgets.

Mobile asset management

Complete multi-asset maintenance quickly and efficiently. You can hold a full asset register for each building within an estate. Your contractors and engineers can complete electronic asset condition surveys using our mobile app - these can then be stored and accessed at any time from the asset forms logbook. You can use a QR code scanner to improve the efficiency of maintenance tasks and historical planned maintenance and asset condition reports are available at the click of a button.

Connect with your contractors

Jobs can be deployed directly to your contractors in real-time. Filter contractors by trade, qualification and region to ensure that you are selecting the most suitable engineers and send the job with an associated purchase order so that the cost can be easily tracked. Contractors can update the Joblogic mobile app on the go and provide facilities managers with up-to-the-minute reports and invoices.

Enhanced CAFM reporting

Custom dashboards enable you to visualise your data, allowing you to make more insightful business decisions. With instant access and live data, you can easily review all areas of profitability and highlight room for improvement. Joblogic gives you the tools to monitor real-time compliance and SLAs as well as engineer productivity, highest-value customers and more. With such a large suite of reporting tools available, the management process is made very easy. Dashboard reports are user-friendly and can be customised to suit your business requirements.

PPM & Reactive Maintenance

Joblogic gives you the CAFM tools to maximise your resources, minimise operational downtime and ensure that no job is missed. You can manage maintenance scheduling with our asset management module to monitor the condition of multiple assets at each facility as well as share ongoing updates with clients via the customer portal. If a reactive call-out is required, Joblogic can zero in on all overdue work and emergency jobs immediately. You can combine drag-and-drop scheduling with powerful route optimisation to allocate the right man to a task in seconds.

Manage checklists on the go

Joblogic provides the ideal platform for storing and importing facility maintenance checklists. By giving contractors and engineers instant access to them on the go, they're able to complete their work orders quickly and effectively. Checklists can include FM cycles, SFG20 surveys, health & safety mobile forms, risk assessments or asset and equipment surveys. Digital forms and checklists help businesses to save time and complete work accurately, allowing your property management & space management operations to.

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our current resource more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.

Dave Rawlings
Dave Rawlings Managing Director
Oakland Air Control Ltd
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The Refcom module was a major deciding factor in our move to Joblogic. We are now far more organised and proactive with our PPMs, have confidence in our asset tracking and F-Gas compliance and tracking.

Tristan Spence
Tristan Spence Director
TRS Cooling
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The Best Features of our CAFM System

Track the status and progress of new jobs through to completion.

  • Quick job logging
  • Job searches & editing
  • Reporting

Survey, record and maintain equipment at multiple customer sites.

  • Asset surveys
  • Site asset register
  • Maintenance planning
  • QR code tagging

Plan complex maintenance schedules for each site to asset level.

  • Asset registers
  • Create PPM schedules
  • Task driven maintenance
  • Bill & renew contracts

Stay in control of your business via powerful reporting and data visualisation.

  • Management reporting
  • Customer reporting
  • Data visualisation

An automated messaging system to keep your customers updated in real time.

  • View Notifications & Alerts
  • Real time status updates
  • View quotes & invoices

Give your customers real-time notifications & alerts.

  • View dashboards & reports
  • Real time status updates
  • View quotes & invoices

Offline App for iOS and Android connecting your back office and mobile workforce in real time.

  • Deploy jobs to engineers
  • Use Joblogic mobile in the field
  • Industry Compliant

Bespoke workflows and forms for mobile including certificates, job sheets and risk assessments.

  • Industry standard forms
  • Health & safety compliance
  • Bespoke forms

Raise orders for materials or subcontractors and match supplier invoices.

  • Replenish Stock Locations
  • Raise orders for individual jobs
  • Invoice matching

Monitor and replenish stock in multiple locations including van stock.

  • Warehouse stock
  • Van stock
  • Replenish stock

Automatic job costing with profit and loss reports for every job.

  • Automated job costing
  • Powerful reporting

Combine the power of Joblogic’s Planned Maintenance Software with SFG20.

  • SFG20 import
  • SFG20 on Joblogic mobile
  • Compliance & customer reporting

Full tracking of refrigerant gas use, gas bottles and customer reporting.

  • FGAS on Joblogic mobile
  • Customer reporting
  • Bottle tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) systems are a form of software that allows facility managers to monitor and implement various activities that are essential to their day-to-day duties. This includes areas such as planned preventative maintenance, space management, operational facility services, room reservation, customer services and asset management.

CAFM systems offer a range of different benefits related to a facility managers day to day functions, as well as wider business benefits for the business. For day-to-day operations, CAFM software can help better allocate and manage spaces within a facility, plan preventative maintenance more efficiently, streamline processes and allow for quicker response times for emergency or reactive maintenance.

These benefits are realised by utilising elements of the software such as

  • Real-time data access
  • Mobile access
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced asset tracking

CAFM software can be used in a variety of different ways depending on what the priorities of your organisation are. To help you understand how you can best utilise CAFM software we advise speaking to our software experts who’ll be happy to advise on how best to use the software.

CAFM and CMMS software are terms that are often used interchangeably in the facility management industry. While there are many similarities, they can offer slightly different goals and competencies. In contrast to CAFM, which delivers a wide range of functionality, a CMMS focuses entirely on maintenance work.

These two systems are most effective, however, when they are integrated. Joblogic combines the capabilities of both, to harness the best of both worlds. This allows managers to save both time and money while also providing visibility into all major management processes.

To learn more about the differences between CMMS And CAFM systems please check out our blog on the topic

IWMS software and CAFM software are considered to be very similar in several key areas. Both are designed to help you practically manage your physical facilities. Where most CAFM software pieces differentiate themselves from IWMS software though is that they’re limited in the way they engage beyond reporting and dashboard functionality.

Joblogic’s specialist CAFM software combines the reporting and functionality of CAFM software that is critical to allow businesses to improve their business processes, whilst combining it with the actionable tools of job management, as well as mobile phone applications, that can be used to manage, dispatch, measure and improve performance of the facilities team.

Yes! We offer a full range of Training options that can be used to support your team members in learning how to fully use Joblogic as your CAFM system of choice.

Once you’ve got the software set up we’ll help you book training at a time and format that suits you and your team.

You can book a demo of our CAFM software, where our consultant will walk you through the platform and how to use it. You can even invite your colleagues to attend, with 30- or 60-minutes online screen share sessions available. We’ll answer any questions you have and introduce the software in the context of your business.

What is the Joblogic CAFM software suitable for?

Joblogic’s CAFM Software provides meaningful benefits to all sorts of types of organisations. Below is just a small number of the sorts of organisations that can benefit from using Joblogic:

Sports Facilities & Stadiums
Animal Research Facilities
Educational Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Small Businesses
Enterprise Businesses
Retail Companies