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Make sure you’re meeting maintenance best practices for all your assets by importing the industry standard for building maintenance specifications with SFG20 Software.

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As the industry standard for planned maintenance in the UK, SFG20 provides facility managers and field service management businesses with over 500 maintenance schedules for 60 different equipment types. Often, the critical data sits outside the core field service management, CAFM or job management software making it hard to estimate the time for each maintenance job. With Joblogic SFG20 software you can import the schedule into the system and have a schedule and data available in on place.

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PPM contracts with SFG20

SFG20 Import

When you have a licence to use SFG20 you can import the schedules directly into Joblogic. This allows you to assign SFG20 codes to the assets in your asset register, allowing your planners to display forecast information about the tasks involved in completing the job. Jobs can then be planned on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis with a view as to how long it will take and how it affects the amount of time available to complete other jobs during the day. This allows you to build up an effective preventive maintenance schedule that is flexible enough to provide time for reactive work, whilst providing significant time and money savings.

View SFG20 data on mobile and tablet

SFG20 Software for Mobile

By giving your engineers access to a SFG20 software on their mobile phone and tablet they can access every detail of the SFG20 schedule and tasks. This frees them to complete the work in one visits and means they don’t need to refer to hard copies of the schedules, cutting down on paper use, and making it easier to complete jobs

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Compliance & Customer Reporting

Keep assets compliant with regulations and best practices with detailed planned maintenance reporting. This enables you to provide a fullt compliant PPM program for customers, with detailed reporting information about every task that’s been completed for an asset across the entire site. This data can be viewed by customers in a customer portal, enabling you to provide additional value, to your SLA’s and reactive work, and increasing the likelihood of clients continuing to work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SFG20 Software

SFG20 is the leading maintenance specification for engineering services in the United Kingdom. It provides an in-depth framework for planned maintenance schedules for building assets across a range of asset types such as mechanical, electrical and engineering systems.

It’s entirely possible to run SFG20 without software, but the specifics of the maintenance schedules for SFG20 can make it difficult to manage without planned maintenance software that allows you to import in the SFG20 schedules.

SFG20 provides a range of benefits such as:

  1. Cost Savings – SFG20 has been shown to have an effect on the costs of running and maintaining the equipment by allowing you to identify and fix issues before they turn into major problems.
  2. Compliance and Risk Management- With SFG20 you ‘ll be able to create safer working environments as the maintenance schedules and guidelines allow you to more easily remain compliant with health and safety guidelines, and industry regulations.
  3. Documentation and Reporting- With the SFG20 framework you have set documentation that can be used to monitor maintenance tasks, as well as track overall performance in a way that allows for easy collection of data, and that allows for easy reporting to track compliance.