What are the Differences Between CAFM and CMMS?

What are the Differences Between CAFM and CMMS?

  1. What is CAFM Software?
  2. What is CMMS Software?
  3. What are the differences between CAFM and CMMS?
  4. CMMS vs CAFM – How Joblogic Can Help

Management of a field service team can pose a variety of challenges. From dispatching the right technicians to ensuring inventory levels are at their peak, field service teams must be equipped with the best technology possible.

CAFM software and CMMS software systems are two types of software solutions that help organisations manage their field operations. While CMMS software and CAFM software help manage the overall process, some key differences make them suited to different users.

What is CAFM Software?

Computer aided facility management software (CAFM) helps managers plan, execute and report on facility-related activities. It allows users to control, maintain, and track work processes in real-time while monitoring their team’s overall performance.

CAFM CMMS differences

This system enables an organisation to track:

  • Work orders
  • Maintenance requests and approvals
  • Costs for supplies, labour and utilities
  • Asset registers and locations

Managers with instant access to this information can analyse and compare performance/profits across different departments and work locations. Instead of tracking operations through multiple paper-based systems, all data is accessible from a virtual central location.

What is CMMS Software?

Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software provides a centralised platform pertaining to information about maintenance. This system helps to facilitate work processes like scheduled equipment maintenance along with their specific tasks and routine inspections.

In addition to maintenance scheduling, this system can also help managers do the following:

  • Monitor maintenance costs and repairs over time
  • Track work orders assigned to technicians
  • Determines the availability of equipment such as vehicles and machinery for efficient utilisation
  • Immediate access to asset information such as their model, maintenance history and purchase price

What are the differences between CAFM and CMMS?

Both types of software differ in terms of focus and scope. CAFM focuses on facilities management as a whole, while a CMMS system focuses exclusively on facility maintenance requests. Despite sharing similarities, it is crucial to choose a software system that best meets your unique requirements.

Let’s delve deeper into CMMS and CAFM and how they differ:

Uses of CAFM software:

CAFM software’s primary purpose is to provide managers information to analyse and determine trends and patterns in your facility. This allows managers to plan and make decisions with in-depth insights into their whole operation.

From having access to workplace information like asset registers, space planning and employee time sheets, businesses can proceed with the following actions:

  • Predictive maintenance – reducing downtime of equipment/asset
  • Central control of all work orders, assets and inventory from a single platform
  • Eliminate paperwork and save costs/time
  • Adjust for costs as they’re given a complete overview of where resources are going

Use of CMMS software:

Joblogic mobile app for CMMS and CAFM

CMMS software track records of all equipment in your facilities, helping managers to oversee and streamline maintenance operations. As it contains all information in regards to asset maintenance, managers gain insight as to how often they need service, where the problems are and who to assign.

Advantages of incorporating this software include:

  • Complete visibility over your entire equipment fleet
  • Increases the lifespan of assets through preventative maintenance
  • Enhances monitoring capabilities through real-time data acquisition
  • Prevents downtime as equipment failures are quickly identified and rectified 

CMMS vs CAFM – How Joblogic Can Help

Joblogic is a hybrid software system, combining both CMMS and CAFM features to create an integrated platform. This allows organisations to use one single interface to manage all the facilities in their workspace and get alerts about upcoming maintenance tasks.

Book a demo with one of our experts today, and we’ll help you get started on the right track.

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