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Whether you provide cleaning services to the public or private sector, the challenges facing your industry are the same. Wave goodbye to complicated scheduling and unorganised invoices by introducing the simplest, yet effective system for cleaning businesses.

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Do more jobs per day without employing more staff. Get your invoices out the door quickly and improve your cash flow.

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Three things to look for in Cleaning Management Software

Does this software simplify my day to day work?

Software for cleaning companies can be an expensive acquisition when a business is small, and it’s understandable that cheaper alternatives are found – for example using a spreadsheet program like Excel to schedule work for operatives. There is no doubt that Excel is a powerful tool, and with a bit of work it’s possible to turn workbooks into schedules.

However, unlike Joblogic, Excel can’t work intuitively. Important job information is not as easily accessible, meaning that assigning work to your operatives can become time consuming and costly. As programs like Excel need to be manually updated by a member of your office staff, there is a risk of incorrect charges sent to your customers and less jobs being assigned to your engineers as schedules need to be printed off on a regular basis, wasting paper and time.

Joblogic solves these problems by having an easy to use scheduler that can help your office staff to properly organise your mobile workers in a way that is easy and most efficient for getting the job done. It allows you to plan work with ease and to your customer’s requirements with all changes being delivered to your operatives’ mobile devices in real-time.

Does this software allow your staff to update job statuses, inventory and customer signatures in real time?

In any fast-growing, small business, it is essential to have a fully integrated mobile application for engineers to send and receive updates to and from the office. This is especially important in the cleaning industry as visits are typically planned maintenance jobs with the occasional reactive callout, meaning that it is vital to have a streamlined process for getting the optimum number of visits completed per day. Having an application that is fully integrated allows the cleaning team to log in real-time their travelling hours, time spent on a job and monitor any stock that has been used.

As the operative can capture all this data and more - including customer signatures and industry standard forms from their mobile devices - the office staff are able to instantly retrieve all the relevant information to make invoicing of the job quicker and much simpler.

Joblogic’s suite of cleaning service software does all of this and more. Using the data uploaded from your operatives’ mobiles on site makes it possible to seamlessly generate invoices and bill your customers for work done immediately, without any hassle. Using the fully integrated customer portal, your clients can check in real time the progress of their jobs, without having to call the office.

Will this software grow with your business?

Whether your business is small and looking to grow or is simply looking to take on larger contracts, it is important to have a software system with complete flexibility to allow you to evolve.
As Joblogic is modular and scalable, your business can use as much or as little of the system to suit your company direction. This may mean that you start off with only a handful of office users, but you can effortlessly and quickly expand to total business usage without any limitations. Not only will the software be able to support your business growth, but our dedicated customer success team will help you out along the way with getting any important features introduced with little or no disruption to your day to day work.

You asked, we answered

Is it possible to see how Joblogic works prior to purchase?

To ensure you get the most out of the system, we are happy to arrange a demonstration of our software to show how Joblogic can help your business. Our experienced sales team have a wide range of industry knowledge so they will be able to provide tips and tricks to help you put Joblogic to the most practical use for your company.

Do you need training to be able to use Joblogic?

To allow you to “go live” with Joblogic as soon as possible, we do advise taking part in our training sessions to allow you to see the benefits of Joblogic to your business in next to no time.
Our specially trained aftersales team will be able to arrange a bespoke training plan at your earliest convenience to suit the needs of your business and ideal “go live” timeframes.

Do we need any expensive computer equipment to run Joblogic?

As Joblogic is completely cloud based, any device connected to the internet with a compatible web browser can access the system. To ensure that you don’t have to worry about any expensive equipment, like servers, we host and take care of your company data. Your engineers can also use their mobile phones to access Joblogic mobile, so PDAs or specialist devices are not required.

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