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Before the advent of widespread mobile broadband, operating a responsive service industry company was difficult and costly. A missed call to a technician in the field could make the difference between meeting an SLA or not, while a mislaid form could affect cash-flow critically.

The advent of the cloud and of workforce management software like Joblogic has changed the game, handing you control of your business. As a cloud-based solution, it’s possible to schedule staff and jobs, store job-sheets and forms and raise invoices from anywhere with an internet connection. Read how we can help you to make your company more efficient.


Workforce Management Software: Mobile Workforce Software

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are where contracts are won and lost in the service industry. Clients insist on SLAs to be sure that in the event of a problem, a technician will be on hand to maintain equipment, to reactively fix problems and prevent costly downtime.

Meeting maintenance schedules shouldn’t really pose a problem for any service company with a good logistics department – especially if they use good workforce management solutions to control their staff. The test of any firm however is when something unexpected happens. Then a company needs to be able to react swiftly in the most efficient manner to ensure the SLA is met.

Without mobile tracking of staff, a company can be forced into a tough decision. Do they ring around the staff they think can do the job to confirm their locations and statuses before assigning someone to a reactive job, costing valuable time – or do they wing it and assign it to an engineer hoping that they are the best man for the job?

With workforce management software which includes a mobile workforce app like Joblogic, it’s possible to not only know where your staff are, but what they are doing. A quick check through staff locations on the mobile app would help you find which member of staff is closest to the reactive job. A look through the job tracking module will confirm the status of the current job of each member of staff – thus making it possible to make the most informed decision possible on exactly who to send.

What’s more, by using the mobile tracking app as a reporting system it’s possible to show exactly when an engineer arrived on site for a reactive job, helping you to confirm to clients that SLAs have been met – information that will no doubt be valuable when contract renewal comes around.


Workforce Management Software: Mobile Forms

Service industry companies can often be high volume, low margin businesses – those that make their money by being able to turn around jobs quickly and continuously. This is all well and good when all the paperwork is being filed on time and invoices raised quickly; but when happens when a vital form goes missing?

Anyone who has worked in a service company knows that paperwork can be the bane of the business. When a technician has had to complete multiple jobs in one day, it’s easy for sheets of paperwork to go walkabout – yet every piece of paper can be cash-critical. From something as simple as a signature from a customer confirming work has been done to a compliance form, paperwork has to be looked after.

Using Joblogic along with tablet computers makes this easy. All forms that might need to be signed off can be stored on your technician’s tablet. This allows him to confirm hours worked and parts used, as well as getting compliance certificates signed off. All data is securely stored by Joblogic in the cloud, meaning that you as a business can access it anywhere with an internet connection – no more mislaid forms and no more worrying about paperwork.


Workforce Management Software: Invoicing Solutions

Cash-flow can be vital for many service industry companies. Anything that lengthens the time between a job being completed and an invoice being raised can mean real problems in the long-term to a company.

One of the main issues with using different software for various aspects of a business is the transfer of data between each program. If a member of staff has to individually input completed jobs from one piece of software into another to raise an invoice, then not only is there a time factor involved but there is also the potential of human error when the data is being input. The last thing any company needs when cash-flow is critical is an argument over figures for a job sheet or parts.

Joblogic has an invoicing module which directly counteracts that. When a job is completed by an engineer, an invoice can be raised directly from the system. What’s more, if you are using the mobile app part of our workforce management software, then all the engineer’s timesheets and parts are automatically calculated as part of the job – no worry about data entry.

If a customer prefers batch invoicing, this isn’t a problem either. A job can be parked in a “requires invoice” status. A member of staff can then go into the batch invoicing screen, search by customer and date range, and then email or print all the matching invoices. They can even add all the assorted job documents such as job sheets and other forms if required, saving you time and money.


Joblogic Workforce Management Software

Does your workforce management software do the job it’s supposed to? Do you find it easy to schedule your staff efficiently? Are you able to raise invoices in a timely manner?

If the answer to any of those questions is no then it might be time to reconsider how you deal with job management, scheduling and invoicing. Joblogic offer a suite of software that gives you control of your business. The various modules allow you to seamlessly schedule jobs, control staff and raise invoices from one centralised point without worrying about loss of data.

To find out more about how we can help you with your business, give us a call and one of our staff will be happy to demonstrate exactly what we can do for you. Don’t forget to sign up for our 30-day Free Trial!

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