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Mobile Workforce Management Software

UK’s Leading Mobile Workforce App for Facilities Management and Field Service Businesses

Joblogic’s mobile workforce management software provides a crucial link between your office team, field workers and customers, allowing for better communication and increased productivity. Our mobile workforce management software empowers you to track your mobile workers, monitor performance and improve workflow efficiencies so you can deliver a better customer experience. 

Communication with your mobile workforce can often be challenging. That’s why Joblogic has created a mobile work app that equips your engineers with everything they need to manage their workload and communications in the field. They can capture important data and job information on the go to help deliver services efficiently and at the first time of asking. Office staff can also maintain complete visibility over their mobile workforce via real-time updates which are fed from the mobile work app to the back-office system. With Joblogic, you go a step further by visualising information at a glance with live interactive dashboards. 

Features of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Improve Job Scheduling & Dispatch with Mobile Workforce Management Software – Section Image

Improve Job Scheduling & Dispatch

Our mobile workforce scheduling software will allow you to manage all outstanding work orders on a single screen and dispatch jobs to engineers who are in the right location with the right skill set. Jobs and tasks can be easily created, edited and allocated using Joblogic's user-friendly interface. You can also use the mobile work app's integrated GPS tracking to optimise the routes of your field staff to maximise your mobile team's productivity. This ensures that work is delivered on time and to an exceptional standard.

Capture Important Information on the Go in the Mobile Workforce App – Section Image

Capture Important Information on the Go in the Mobile Workforce App

Mobile workforce management software is the perfect tool for capturing live data and job information in the field all on a mobile device, enabling the admin to be done on-site, and for engineers to have less dead time in the office. Engineers can use their Joblogic app to capture and store:

  • Site notes and surveys.
  • Equipment registers.
  • Asset, site and service histories.
  • Supporting photos and videos.
  • Safety compliance forms.
  • Customer signatures and satisfaction forms.

This information can be automatically updated within the back-office system thanks to real-time data transfer.

Get Seamless Communication & Connectivity Using Mobile Workforce Management Software - Section Image

Get Seamless Communication & Connectivity

By connecting your office team and field engineers in real-time, you can keep all members of staff informed of work schedules and live status updates. Our mobile workforce management software can alert an operative to any unforeseen circumstances or changes to a job which helps to prevent any wasted journeys. It also provides a great means of communicating with your customers. Engineers can send automated alerts and notifications to clients via SMS or email to update them on upcoming arrival times, job status reports and more.

A Cloud-Based Job Management System Accessed Through Our Mobile Workforce App – Section Image

A Cloud-Based Job Management System

Our cloud-based mobile workforce management software can be operated from anywhere at any time of day, making it an ideal solution for businesses who want to manage their mobile workforce in real-time. The mobile app works both on and offline, allowing field service teams to capture and store information regardless of their connection. As soon as they regain a signal, any new job details they have entered will be automatically sent to the back-office system. This simplifies job management tenfold and enables optimum efficiency in the field.

Use Mobile Workforce Management Software to Visualise Information to Drive Informed Business Decisions – Section Image

Visualise Information to Drive Informed Business Decisions

Joblogic is the ideal tool for monitoring engineer and company-wide performance. By centralising all your KPIs and job reports in one location, you can create new data-driven insights at a glance. Joblogic ensures that you can capture data at every single point of service delivery, with each interaction and status update readily available for immediate analysis. This provides field service management businesses with high-quality insights that allow them to continually optimise their resources and service efficiencies.

What Else Does Mobile Workforce Management Software Offer?

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  • Cut down your administration time by storing all information safely within one, central system. Automate your job management processes both on mobile and in the back-office and give your workforce real-time access to information when they need it.
  • Joblogic guarantees total data security with a fully patched system. This means that you need never worry about staying up to date with the latest security enhancements.
  • Adhere to all safety compliance obligations with custom mobile forms and certificates. Joblogic offers a full library of existing compliance documents as well as a mobile form-building tool.

What our mobile workforce management software customers say

Visibility of my staff thanks to live GPS and job tracking on the mobile app has helped me know where staff are at all times and which jobs are still outstanding. This has saved my engineers an extra hour per day, which has increased the number of daily jobs they can complete as well.

Neil Sandy
Operational Maintenance Manager at EON

The growth of M&E Maintenance Solutions has been due to the efficiencies shown through Joblogic's mobile software technology and we feel that the future is very bright for our next generation of engineers.

Stuart Butcher
Managing Director at M&E Maintenance Solutions

Joblogic has enabled us to provide real-time information to our clients without the need for various other software platforms. The mobile engineers are tracked, meaning greater ETA's can be provided. The software is continually developing and releases are issued regularly.

Chris Claypole
Maintenance Manager at Beechcroft BMS Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management Software is a specialist form of software that’s been created to allow mobile workers and field teams to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Whilst different businesses all have different requirements for what their mobile workforce does, they all have the same aims:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Deliver customer satisfaction

With the tools that mobile workforce management software makes available to mobile workers, as well as office staff, all of these aims can be met.

Mobile workforce management is an area that many businesses struggle with. With proper mobile workforce solutions in place though it’s possible to deliver a high-quality field service experience for your customers.

Mobile workforce management solutions enable this by providing you the tools necessary to speed up business operations and boost your efficiency in the field, and in the workplace. The software does this by making it easier to handle daily tasks such as job scheduling, building out quotes, and tracking maintenance work. Whether you’re managing facilities that require team members to be sent out to multiple sites, or you’re sending engineers out to customers to maintain, service or fix assets that they’ve reported issues with.