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The UK’s best field service management for enterprise software.

The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software For Enterprise

Reduce time spent on admin tasks and focus your attention on completing jobs that drive revenue using enterprise field service management software.

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The key to improving the performance of your service business is taking control of your daily operations. With cloud-based field service management software for enterprise businesses, you can connect your mobile workforce and your back-office teams, allowing them to streamline admin tasks, and focus their energy on jobs that deliver revenue and growth for your business.

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Streamline Daily Admin Operations – Field service management for enterprise

Streamline daily admin operations

With field service management software for enterprise businesses, you can streamline your daily operations by spending less time on administrative tasks.

Every stage of a job’s lifecycle can be streamlined. Starting with job scheduling and deployment, moving through to field engineers accessing necessary information via asset registers whilst on site, alerting customers as to the status of their job, as well as building quotes, invoices and collecting payments. Reporting can be kept up to date with the help of dashboards that give you a view of the data you need to see to make informed decisions.

With enterprise service management software, you can ensure your business operations can operate at any scale, across multiple teams, ensuring consistent quality of work, valuable insights and real ROI via decreasing labour and maintenance costs.

Make meeting regulatory requirements easier – Field service management for enterprise

Make meeting and tracking regulatory requirements easier

To help you meet all your regulatory compliance requirements we’ve designed our field service management software for enterprise to provide you with everything you need to make regulatory compliance as efficient as possible.

We provide an extensive library of pre-built forms that can be accessed whilst on site via mobile device to allow your engineers to streamline data collection and make compliance more efficient by cutting down on paperwork whilst ensuring all relevant information is captured.

Our library of forms includes:

  • A full set of Gas Safe and OFTEC Certificates
  • Water Hygiene Workflows and Electrical Certificates
  • BAFE forms for the Fire Safety Industry
  • Installation and service checklists for Automatic Doors
  • FGAS and air conditioning service sheets for HVAC companies

We even provide you with the ability to customise mobile forms so you can build out your internal compliance checklists to suit your business processes.

Improve Customer Experience – Enterprise Field Service Management Software

Improve your customer experience to increase client retention rates

One of the best ways to ensure customers come back to you when they need jobs completed is to deliver exceptional customer service. That’s not just about completing jobs the first time an engineer steps on–site. It entails keeping your customers in the loop about the status of their job, making it easier for them to get in touch with you and making the payment process as simple as possible.

Our enterprise service management software gives you access to tools that allow you to plan and scale how you interact with your customers whilst providing them the level of customer service they expect. With our customer portal module, they can make signing off quotes, paying invoices and reporting jobs a breeze. They can even stay up to date with the status of their jobs using job statuses that update automatically. They can even pay the way they want using the variety of customer payment options available, and they can do it whilst the engineer is on site.

Simplify Job Management– Enterprise Field Service Management

Simplify how you manage jobs to increase efficiency

By simplifying how you manage your jobs you can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Optimise your scheduling and dispatch processes by selecting priority accounts or choosing the most geographically suits engineer to dispatch to the job, this can decrease the time it takes to get people on site, and get jobs completed quicker.

Through using our enterprise field service management software mobile app your field team can access their job sheets and relevant information whilst on the site and provide live updates to clients on the status of the job.

Whatever stage of a job's lifecycle, you can streamline the management process, reduce admin time, and go paperless. It just needs the right software partner to give you the tools you need.

Enterprise Field Service App – Enterprise Field Service Management

Revolutionise your field service operations with Joblogic's enterprise service management app

Your field engineers can access everything they need to complete a job quickly and efficiently with the help of the Joblogic enterprise field service management mobile app. Watch first-time fix rates improve, and customer satisfaction increase as they use the treasure trove of features and information at their fingertips.

You can deploy jobs with the click of a button and the engineer will get sent an alert telling them about the job, as well as access to asset registers and asset histories that tell them everything, they need to know to complete the job. They can even see and track stock levels, so they know what parts are available, and whether they need to inform the customer about a delay in completing the work.

Key Features of Field Service Management For Enterprise

Joblogic provides businesses with a dynamic scheduling solution. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, managers can allocate resources more efficiently and achieve goals based on time, location, availability and service levels. Never miss another deadline by engaging staff at the right time, every time.

Organisations should aim to always have complete visibility of their key assets. In doing so, they'll be more proactive in dealing with issues as they occur. Joblogic can simplify field service management by giving your team access to important asset details such as location, working status and usage levels. This helps you to react to new problems before they can develop.

Joblogic lets you capture and analyse data at every point of field service delivery. With fantastic visuals and custom dashboards, you'll have a 360-degree view of your company's performance levels. You can zero in on client profitability, engineer productivity and many more KPI metrics. This allows you to drive field service management with more informed decisions.

Joblogic allows field service teams and the back-office team to communicate seamlessly. Our world-class field service app makes data capture simple and allows information to be shared between team members in real time. This ensures that field services are always delivered effectively.

Joblogic's software helps your business manage all outstanding jobs effectively regardless of whether they’re planned or responsive. You’ll be able to understand the specific job tasks, skills required and previous service histories as well as the related costs and materials. This helps you to deliver your services with both clarity and confidence.

Our software makes quoting for jobs so simple. With Joblogic, your engineers can raise new quotes via our field service app and send them to the back office for pricing and approval. Quote templates can be fully customised to include specific services, tasks and other attachments (such as notes, photos and videos). You can also add your branding to make your business stand out.

With in-built invoicing and accounts package integrations, it's easier than ever to manage your business finances. As soon as jobs are completed on-site, your field engineers can raise a new invoice which, once approved by the office, can be immediately sent to a customer. Invoice templates can be custom-built and detail all billable services. You can even create automated invoices for recurring jobs.

Service management software provides a holistic view of your inventory, making it easy to spot any gaps or parts shortages. If a part you need isn't in stock, your team has direct access to the supplier's catalogue and can order new parts immediately. Your mobile workforce can also raise purchase requests with the office as and when they require parts to complete a job.

See What Our Customers Said

The biggest improvement has been the time saved daily. Visibility of my staff thanks to live GPS and job tracking has helped me know where staff are at all times, as well as knowing which jobs are completed and outstanding. This has saved my electricians an extra hour per day, which has increased the number of daily jobs they can complete as well.

Neil Sandy Operational Maintenance Manager
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Joblogic has allowed Lorne Stewart Facilities Services to simplify and efficiently mobilise contracts throughout the UK. From the initial call to our helpdesk to an engineer on-site completing work, all data is captured and curated in one system.

Lorne Stewart Facilities
Andy Vickers Operations Director
Lorne Stewart Facilities Services
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Joblogic has helped take our business to the next level, improving our efficiency both on-site and in our offices. Using the Joblogic Mobile App, our engineers are able to complete all jobs and forward any relevant documents directly to the back office instantly upon completion.

Oliver Hailes Business Development Manager
Barlows UK Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Field Service Management for Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise field service management is a software solution designed to help businesses that offer on-site services (maintenance, repairs, installations and inspections) more efficiently manage their daily operations by streamlining administrative tasks and making it easier for field operatives to access information about the job they’re working on.

While field service management software is used by smaller businesses, enterprise organisations also benefit from the software. It allows data management, job management and asset management to happen at scale, within a single system, making it easier to manage, adapt and improve operational procedures regardless of the scale of the team that is used.

Field service management for enterprise businesses focuses on improving operational efficiency for field teams and office staff. This efficiency leads to wider benefits such as reduced operational costs, better customer satisfaction, and higher levels of profitability.

On a more granular level, enterprise-focused field service management software has shown it can improve the first-time fix rates and reduce the time it takes to complete jobs across different industries like utilities, HVAC, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing and many others.

The best enterprise-level field service management software needs to provide all the features you need to properly manage and improve the performance of your field service teams. The key to this is making sure your software has features that allow you to manage the entire life cycle of the job. This includes

  • How jobs are booked and scheduled
  • How you deploy your field team to jobs
  • Your field team has access to the data and information they need to complete a job
  • Being able to handle quotes, billing and invoicing

You also need to ensure that you can track factors that can influence how long it takes to complete a job, such as stock levels, or ensuring that work is compliant with regulations. For larger and enterprise organisations you need to be able to customise how parts of the system work and be able to access analytics and data about the performance of your team, and the wider business.