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Why choose Joblogic instead of BigChange?

Choosing the right service management software is critical for your business - so which is the right one to choose? While BigChange offers a fine solution to field service management software, Joblogic provides the ideal, all-in-one solution to help streamline your operations, improve your customer satisfaction rates and increase your profits. With a host of valuable features, Joblogic is the service management software you need to help transform your business. (All information on this page is correct as of November 2022.)

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Joblogic vs. BigChange Comparison

  Pricing Min. contract length Data bundle options
Joblogic £39 per month 1 month commitment 3GB at £30 per month
BigChange £69.95 per month 5 years commitment 500mb at £30 per month (£5 per additional 500mb)
Feature Joblogic BigChange
Bespoke customer alerts with free text notifications
Mobile form Builder (create your own mobile forms, certificates & checklists without incurring development charges)
Large variety of multi industry mobile forms to choose from (no need to create your own)
Standard Risk assessment form for engineers including risk dashboard
Full reporting suite (unlimited reports free of charge)
Planned prevtative maintenance with 52 week planner
Recurring Jobs
Asset management with QR coding
Free creation of Dynamic Excel reports
SFG20 * you must own the SFG20 XML file
REFCOM partnership (including Fgas Compliance)
Timesheets and job costing
Dashboard designer (create you own dashboards without costly paying development)
Multiple engineers can fill out the forms on one job

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What makes Joblogic different?

Make more informed decisions

Create bespoke, personalised dashboards that fit your business, without costly development. Unlike BigChange, you can see all of your KPI data and track performance across your business within the Joblogic software. Visualise your profits and identify areas for improvement to keep your business successful.

Automate your processes

From planned maintenance schedules to sending real-time job status notifications to your customer, Joblogic helps you to automate your processes - modernising your systems and saving you time. With Joblogic, you can plan preventive maintenance schedules for up to 52 weeks at a time, automate asset reports and automatically calculate timesheets.

Improve asset management

Get a complete overview of your on-site assets, the condition and history of the equipment, and the planned maintenance schedule. Our software allows you to monitor unique assets with a custom field option, to track and manage assets on any device and easily locate and identify a specific item with a built-in QR code scanner.

Integrate Quickbooks + Other Accounts Packages

Plan preventive maintenance at multiple sites

Joblogic allows you to select the frequency of visits for each specific customer site and the job scheduling system will create these visit dates for you. It's then easy to allocate assets or equipment to each visit, and once a schedule is created, Joblogic will generate new visits which can be easily dispatched to your engineers at the click of a button. You can also set up a regular invoice to a customer for one or many sites, with our frequent billing feature and easily renew maintenance contracts.

Real-Time Dynamic Dashboards & Bespoke Reporting

Keep your customers informed

Joblogic helps you to win and retain customers by giving your customers access to their data and KPIs at anytime, through their delicated customer portal. Present your customers with professionally branded dashboards, detailing any metrics they require, in a way that is intuitive and easy on the eye. You can also easily configure automated, real-time e-mail or SMS updates to your customers, for free, which keeps your customers informed at all times.

Route Scheduling and Optimisation

Improve data visualisation

Centralise all of your data into one, cloud-based system. Joblogic's dynamic dashboard reporting is fully customisable and interactive, to be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. We can deliver a huge suite of management reports for you to use, and are able to represent your important data in the most suitable visual format for your business. These dashboard reports can be used to empower your management team by offering the best platform to drive more informed business decisions.

HVAC Software for full UK Compliance

Take advantage of our valuable partnerships

Joblogic have formed valuable partnerships with well-established companies such as to develop beneficial modules within the software. In collaboration with REFCOM, Joblogic developed and f-gas tracking and reporting module to help contractors save time, increase efficiency and most importantly, support them in meeting all F-Gas obligations. The software also combines the Joblogic mobile app with a PartsArena® integration, giving your engineers access to thousands of parts to help contractors to improve their first time fix rate.

Discover more of Joblogic’s features

Survey, record and maintain equipment at multiple customer sites.

  • Asset surveys
  • Site asset register
  • Maintenance planning
  • QR code tagging

Bespoke workflows and forms for mobile including certificates, job sheets and risk assessments.

  • Industry standard forms
  • Health & safety compliance
  • Bespoke forms

Combine the power of Joblogic’s Planned Maintenance Software with SFG20.

  • SFG20 import
  • SFG20 on Joblogic mobile
  • Compliance & customer reporting

Schedule field engineers in a busy maintenance environment.

  • Drag & drop scheduler
  • Visual status updates
  • Live GPS tracking

Automatic job costing with profit and loss reports for every job.

  • Automated job costing
  • Powerful reporting

Raise orders for materials or subcontractors and match supplier invoices.

  • Replenish Stock Locations
  • Raise orders for individual jobs
  • Invoice matching

Integrate Joblogic with your accounts system to avoid double entry of data.

  • Sage
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • KashFlow
  • FreeAgent

Keep track of your field engineers at all times and in real-time.

  • Gain visibility of mobile engineers
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Historical tracking

Track enquiries to quotations and upgrade to jobs in a click of a button.

  • Track new enquiries & quotes
  • Turn quotes into live jobs

Joblogic has made it easier for us to save time within the office; it has helped us to use our current resource more effectively and to begin work on more profitable tasks.

Dave Rawlings
Dave Rawlings Managing Director
Oakland Air Control Ltd
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The Refcom module was a major deciding factor in our move to Joblogic. We are now far more organised and proactive with our PPMs, have confidence in our asset tracking and F-Gas compliance and tracking.

Tristan Spence
Tristan Spence Director
TRS Cooling
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