5 Essential Gadgets for Electricians

5 Essential Gadgets for Electricians

Every trade has its own set of tools that make the job simpler and more efficient, and the electrician’s toolkit is certainly no exception to this rule.

For field service companies, ensuring their electricians are well-equipped for the tasks at hand is always a priority. Good tools can make the difference between a steady stream of customers and struggling to find leads.

For those curious about what a pro might bring with them on-site, here are five gadgets for electricians that make servicing clients that much easier.

1. Circuit Finder

One problem electricians typically encounter when arriving on a new site is locating the correct breaker for a switch or outlet. In an unfamiliar environment, this can take quite some time to track down.

How a Circuit Finder Works

A circuit finder typically consists of two main components: a handheld digital transmitter and small receivers that plug into outlets around a home.

Circuit Finder

When the transmitter is held up to circuits in the breaker, a signal is sent to the receiver showing which circuit the outlet belongs to. Once your transmitter beeps and flashes, you’ll immediately know which breaker corresponds to which outlet.

Essential electrician tools like these are helpful as many houses are set up with more than one breaker panel. With multiple panels, locating which breakers correspond to each plug can be difficult, wasting valuable time that could be directed to fixing actual electrical problems.

The circuit finder is among the best gadgets for electricians, as it makes the process more efficient.

2. Circuit Analyser

Electrical systems are integral to the operation of many buildings. For this reason, electricians need to ensure everything stays in working order by providing regular maintenance and inspections.

How Does a Circuit Analyser Work?

This tool gives your electricians instant information about a circuit connected to an individual outlet, ensuring they match recommendations set by industry standards.

A circuit analyser indicates if an electrical system runs at peak performance, measuring voltage, line voltage, and peak voltage in a circuit’s frequency. Neon lights are displayed on the device’s screen, forming different patterns to show test results.

Analysing circuit lines will help your electrician diagnose and fix electrical problems, identifying potential issues like a reverse-wired circuit and a lack of ground connection. Wire faults, if left unchecked, can lead to more severe problems like fires, electric shocks, and equipment malfunction.

3. Handheld Device with Field Service Module

Mobile app for engineer workflow activity

Joblogic Mobile Engineer App

In addition to procuring the best apps for electricians, companies might also want to incorporate job management software into their day to day operations. The Joblogic mobile app can be integrated with your company’s system and is among the best and most essential electrician tools.

How Does a Field Service Tool Work?

Field service software provides electricians with the ability to conveniently connect to their back office where they can send job progress updates, and receive job alerts in real-time.

Electricians can be instantly notified once a job is booked, along with any pertinent client information or job details. This helps with the overall scheduling of your electrician’s schedule, ensuring they are not overbooked before being assigned. Additionally, companies can save time and money by reducing administrative tasks like filling out certificates using electrical certificate software and sending updates over email or phone calls.

Overall, a company can efficiently track and manage all of its projects without relying on pen-and-paper records, making it among the best apps for electricians.

4. Customer Portal Software

Providing your customers with a digital venue to view important job updates will do wonders for your firm. More often than not, clients are more likely to reach out with questions and concerns when they feel like a company is transparent about the process. 

How Does a Customer Portal Work?

Customer portals (or client portals) are a vital tool for customer service, providing detailed reports on key metrics. Clients can view total outstanding jobs and jobs completed within their service level agreement by accessing a dashboard. Site history can also be viewed anytime, giving clients an overview of what has happened and when.

The dashboard features real-time project updates as they happen without keeping up with frequent phone calls or emails. Client’s also can see their electricians en route,and receive an update when the job is completed.

Client portals are a great way to make your clients feel in the loop and can help streamline communication between your firm and the client.

Reporting on electrician jobs

Joblogic – Customer Portal Dashboard

5. Smartphone Inspection Camera

One issue that electricians typically face on-site is inspecting hard-to-reach places. Whether it’s testing for ground continuity or inspecting overhead wiring, gadgets for electricians can help make the job easier and faster.

How does a Smartphone Inspection Camera Work?

A smartphone inspection camera is one of the best electrician tools you can have on the job. It’s a small, handheld device that can be connected to a smartphone, featuring an LED light for illuminating dark places and a built-in camera to take photos or videos.

Electricians can use this camera to take photos of power outages, downed lines or burnt wiring in tight spaces that are difficult to see and access. Once photos are captured and recorded on the phone, they can be sent to the company’s back office for review. Additionally, photos can be an excellent tool for providing clients with repair updates or to show insurance companies evidence of damage.

This camera can be a huge time-saving and money-saving tool for your electrician, giving them the visibility they need to get the job done.

Joblogic’s Electrician Service Software

Joblogic’s electrician service software is a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes. We combine all of the best electrician tools in a single package, able to facilitate job scheduling and dispatch, job tracking and reporting.

Our software can cater for a wide range of businesses working within the electrical maintenance industry, including those providing:

Your service company can schedule a job immediately after receiving a request, assigning the job to the right electrician for a quick turnaround. Our system can also generate multiple invoices and automatically collect customer payments, eliminating the need for paperwork.


Joblogic Workflow Software

Joblogic Field Service Management Software

Ultimately, Joblogic’s field service management tools can help you to streamline your business and save on labour costs by improving project efficiency. If our tools sound like a good fit for you, book a demo today and see how Joblogic can help. 

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