The 15 Best Electrician Apps for Service Engineers

The 15 Best Electrician Apps for Service Engineers

Electricians can often perform a range of complex tasks whilst working on-site. With this in mind, it’s vital that they’re able to remain organised and ensure the safety of themselves and their customers. Technology can be very useful in this instance. We’ve put together a list of useful apps and software that electricians can use to help remain safe and efficient in the field.

These include:

  • Business apps for electricians
  • Electrician reference apps
  • Calculator electrician apps
  • Utility apps for electricians

Business Apps for Electricians

1. QuickBooks for Electricians

QuickBooks - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free) – Requires Subscription

Among the apps for electricians that supports the business side is QuickBooks. This is an important workflow management tool that takes care of your accounting, reporting and bookkeeping needs. It can be used to manage your invoices, reports, income and payroll information from any device.

However, QuickBooks doesn’t do everything for electrician businesses, but we’re here to help. QuickBooks can integrate with Joblogic, so you can boost the productivity of your back office, and provide accurate customer and billing information to colleagues when required.

2. Joblogic® – All-in-One Electrician App (Essential)

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

A mobile service app allows electrical contractors to remove the paper trail and communicate with their office team in real-time. Electrician Software, like Joblogic, gives business owners an all-in-one system to schedule, track and manage their electricians more efficiently. Our mobile app is a great solution for minimising admin errors, adhering to industry compliance and completing work orders at the first attempt. It is available for both iOS and Android.

With Joblogic, electricians can:

  • Joblogic Mobile App - Best Electrician AppsReceive new jobs and job histories on their mobile device.
  • Optimise the daily routes and schedules of electricians in the field.
  • Capture new job information, notes and photos on the go.
  • Complete industry-standard and custom-built compliance forms.
  • Collect customer signatures on-site.
  • Take payments from customers and log new enquiries on the spot.
  • Send job information and reports back to the office in real-time.
  • Cut out office trips and go entirely paperless.

Calculate Your Business ROI

3. Slack for Electricians

Slack - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free) – Requires Subscription

The more your electrician business grows, the greater the need to centralise your team communications. Slack is the perfect solution, offering a chatroom-style platform that allows your colleagues to communicate in different ‘channels’. You can also upload files, send direct messages, create polls and more.





4. Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me Route Planner - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

Electricians completing multiple jobs on a daily basis will need to do a lot of travelling. Efficient travel is essential for these electricians and any measures that can save time are most valuable. Route4Me Route Planner is a great time-saver.

Similar to Joblogic, this electrician app allows engineers to load all service locations and then arranges your stops to maximise the efficiency of your journey. This is the app’s standout feature and makes it a must-have among the many apps for electricians. This app is even more efficient if you have multiple electricians in the field at the same time. You’ll be able to fit more stops into your day, every day.

Electrician Reference Apps

5. Master Electrician Reference

Master Electrician Reference - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – £9.99; Android – £7.86)

The Master Electrician Reference is considered by many electricians to be one of the best reference resources on the market. Useful for electricians, mechanics and engineers alike, MER is designed for professionals who work in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

This electrician service app provides users with plenty of information, including formulas, charts, pictures and more. With pages and pages of information, it could be difficult for your engineers to find what they’re looking for. Luckily, MER’s search functionality makes it easy to find the facts you’re looking for without flicking through pages of irrelevant information. Electricians no longer need to work out sums manually thanks to the app’s scientific calculator. Instead, they can apply the formulas included in the app.

6.Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly's Electrical References - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – £12.99; Android – £11.49)

Ugly’s Electrical References has long been one of the more popular apps for electricians. With 12 calculators and quick reference tools, it is easy for electricians to search and save information they require.  This electrician service app also offers video tutorials, as well as HD images and interactive tables. This allows users to enhance the screen for better detail.

The app includes an Ohm’s Law calculator, and conversions for area, length, weight, temperature, time and volume. Although a paid app, users can access Ugly’s Electrical References eBook on the app. It also updates with the latest reference book for free so only one purchase is required to stay up to date.

7.Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Electrical Engineering Dictionary - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

This electrician service app is among the best free apps for electricians – it deals mainly with calculations and industry terminology. The Electrical Engineering Dictionary contains over 3,000 terms split into 18 categories. These cover a range of concepts including specialised devices as well as units and measurements.

The standout feature of this electrician service app is the quiz feature, where you can test your knowledge of electrical terminology. This is useful for industry professionals aiming to test their knowledge, as well as novices looking to educate themselves. There are various types of quizzes to choose from, and you can change the number of questions in each quiz. This means you can be sure you won’t see the same question twice.

8. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering - Best Electrician Apps

(Android – Free)

Exam preparation and revision can be a stressful activity as a new electrician. Students often face the task of working a full-time job whilst studying for an exam. This electrician service app is a great source of learning that’s designed for students and novices looking to start their career as an electrician.

Electrical Engineering uses clear illustrations and plain language to help you sort out your learning material. Users can put their knowledge to the test with multiple-choice aptitude exams. These cover over 100 topics featuring diagrams, equations and study notes. With the added benefit that this app costs nothing, Electrical Engineering is one of the best tools on the market for new starters.

Calculator Electrician Apps

9. Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

Electrical Calculations provides engineers with a user-friendly, feature-rich electrical calculator. This electrician service app keeps it simple for users, focusing primarily on electrical calculations, as the name suggests. The app contains 137 calculations and formulas to ensure your electricians are never stuck while out on a job.

Electrical Calculations gives users accurate readings of wire size and length, voltage and voltage drop, resistance, and more. With over 30 languages including English, Spanish and Chinese, this electrician service app is perfect for multilingual teams.


10. DeWalt Mobile Pro

DeWalt Mobile Pro - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

Electricians will often need a calculator for general construction that can compute square footage, measurement conversions, and more. This handy electrician service app fits this purpose, and also includes reference materials to explain key terms relevant to the industry. Electricians are able to access visual examples of the specific measurements they need to take. This can help to limit the chance of human error, as users complete the necessary fields.

DeWalt Mobile provides users with a free version containing all of the basic functionalities, as well as offering in-app purchases for package deals. This gives electricians the ability to choose the specific calculations they want to pay for.


11. ElectroDroid Pro

ElectroDroid - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – £3.99; Android – £3.59)

Electricians will always need to be prepared to make a lot of complex calculations while out in the field. Before the popularity of smartphones, engineers would typically need to consult several reference manuals and manually input formulas into a calculator. Not only is this process extremely time-consuming, but the likelihood of human error is also increased.

Electricians in today’s market can work much more efficiently thanks to electrician service apps, such as ElectroDroid. One of the most comprehensive calculator apps for electricians, ElectroDroid is a must-have. The app features multiple tools and references that are helpful for many tasks.

Useful features include:

  • Resistor ratios
  • Voltage dividers
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Power Calculators
  • Decibel Converter
  • Frequency Converter

12. eTools Lite

eTools Lite - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free)

eTools Lite is a great all-in-one source for electricians seeking a service app that provides calculations and other reference materials. With an intuitive, easy-to-use format, eTools Lite is a good option among free apps for electricians.



eTools Lite is full of vital features including:

  • Voltage divider
  • Capacitor code
  • Frequency converter
  • Power calculator
  • Resistor colour code

Utility Apps for Electricians

13. Decibel X

Decibel X - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

Decibel X turns your mobile phone into a professional-grade sound pressure level (SPL) meter. This electrician service app provides users with a standard measurement range of 30 to 130 dBA and records the SPL in a real-time, scale level chart. This can then be saved and exported in CSV or PNG format or uploaded via iCloud Sync on an iOS device.




14. Electromagnetic Detector EMF/Ultimate EMF Detector

Ultimate EMF Detector - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

Both of these free electrician apps are used by engineers to detect EMF radiation while on jobs. While not as accurate as a professional EMF meter, these free apps for electricians can be a useful tool for quick surveys. These apps are reliable at detecting EMF spikes as engineers walk through a house.

The iOS app utilises the phone’s radio frequency communication to identify any other radio frequencies your phone is picking up besides its own. The correct reading is then displayed on the mobile device.

The Android app instead uses the magnetic sensor on the device to align its digital compass to determine the readings of magnetic fields around it. Older Android devices without a magnetic sensor show no readings.

15. EveryCircuit

EveryCircuit - Best Electrician Apps

(iOS – Free; Android – Free)

EveryCircuit allows you to build interactive circuits which can be tested and debugged all on your mobile device. This useful electrician app also lets engineers visualise how each component of a circuit works, illustrated clearly with interactive graphs.

Users can alter certain circuit parameters when the simulation is running to see how the circuit is affected in real-time. Along with the touchscreen interface, this provides users with the closest possible experience of building a circuit by hand. The paid version of EveryCircuit provides users with access to thousands of community circuits, as well as cloud storage and a workspace area.

In addition to the right apps for the job, you’ll also want to equip your team with the best tools to bring on-site. Why not read our guide on the most essential gadgets for electricians?

To learn more about how Joblogic can help make your electricians more efficient, book a free demo with us today. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform to help determine how it can best enhance your business.

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