How To Manage HVAC Maintenance Contracts More Efficiently

How To Manage HVAC Maintenance Contracts More Efficiently

In the HVAC industry, managers often find it difficult to balance the time spent on managing existing client expectations and generating new business. An ongoing maintenance contract is often a dependable source of profit but opportunities to grow the business with new customers and service agreements can’t be ignored. Managing both simultaneously, however, can sometimes cause disorganisation within a business, as well as damage productivity and customer service levels. This is made additionally difficult with the advancement of technology within the HVAC industry, causing a growing concern for many providers.

So how can you effectively manage your HVAC maintenance contracts and service agreements whilst delivering great customer service?

Balance Existing Contracts with New Leads

Managing new and existing HVAC contracts can create a difficult dilemma for businesses. If, for example, you receive an emergency call-out from a new lead but you already have a busy schedule ahead, your regular clients usually take priority. In this situation, you have one of two choices:

  1. Contact the existing client with the next appointment and ask if they are happy to rearrange. Don’t forget to remind them that they are still a priority customer.
  2. Tell your new potential new customer that you can’t respond to their urgent call immediately. With this, you may risk losing them to a close competitor.

Ultimately, you should aim to avoid both courses of action. Asking too much of a loyal customer could damage an existing relationship and you also don’t want to miss out on new opportunities. A better solution would be to streamline your business operations with field service software. With this, you can drill right down into your HVAC schedule and re-prioritise work based on a client’s appointment details, location and service history.

HVAC Maintenance Contract Software

With Joblogic, you’ll be able to make far more informed decisions and track your customers’ ongoing needs. You’ll also make your daily operations more efficient, thanks to real-time scheduling and route optimisation – this makes it so simple to identify, communicate and dispatch a job to the most suitable engineer.

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Joblogic HVAC contract software can store customer information and notes for each appointment on a certain day. This can help you pinpoint the clients who might be more flexible based on the service history as well as their appointment type. From here, you’ll have a better idea of which client schedules can be moved around.

With the right HVAC software, you’ll be able to fit in emergency call-outs immediately while sticking to your current schedule. This will keep your existing clients happy while potentially gaining a new customer who may provide you with a service agreement in the future.

Track Your Contracts Accurately

The more service agreements you have, the more invoices you’ll be sending out, which increases the margin for error. Our HVAC invoice software helps to combat this by making sure your engineers can access client notes while out in the field. If your records are normally kept on paper or only stored at the office, it is hard to check on them effectively. This is where Joblogic’s mobile application can help.

The app is accessible on an engineer’s smartphone or tablet device and gives them real-time access to client notes, service agreements and account history on the go. The inventory management capabilities also ensure you always have full visibility over your parts, tools and other equipment.

Maintenance Contract HVACProvide a Consistent Service Across All HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Each HVAC system has unique requirements, outlining the importance of engineers having a firm understanding of every client’s property. By keeping a maintenance checklist for each client, you can tailor your service to their system. This allows you to compare the preventative maintenance schedule of the manufacturer against your engineers’ protocols and their notes about current issues.

With access to digital job sheets and mobile forms, your engineers can complete their checklists on the go, make notes and attach all necessary information to a customer’s profile. With a full record of information, system reports can be passed on to your customers to encourage them to continue with basic maintenance. This will not only show your customers that you are on top of your service tasks but it can also help to educate them about their own system.

With Joblogic, field engineers and office staff can connect in real-time, eliminating the need for paperwork drop-offs at the office. Air Control & Development Ltd, an existing Joblogic customer, have already been able to complete more jobs in a day by removing the constant need to return to the office to collect new work orders. This is thanks to minimising paperwork and keeping their engineers on the road throughout the day. Our HVAC software is one of the most essential tools for HVAC service and maintenance providers, offering an all-in-one system for your requirements.

Remind Customers to Book Appointments

Businesses in the HVAC industry face a difficult challenge in making sure their customers effectively maintain their own system’s needs. Unfortunately, clients rarely book their own monthly or annual services and appointments. The best solution is to send your customers email reminders and notifications about upcoming preventive maintenance. This will encourage repeat custom and helps to ensure you have plenty of maintenance contracts for the future.

With Joblogic, you can easily organise client history details and attach information to accounts with reminders such as ‘weekly maintenance’ or ‘bi-monthly maintenance’. From there, it’s easy to schedule all HVAC maintenance contracts and appointments in order of date and priority and send reminders to your customers via SMS and email.

If you’d like to learn more about how Joblogic can help make your HVAC business more efficient, book a free demo with us today. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform to help determine how it can best enhance your business.

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