How Inventory Management Software Can Help Your Maintenance Business

How Inventory Management Software Can Help Your Maintenance Business

Field service and maintenance businesses these days have to be efficient to remain competitive in the fast-paced global economy. Without a dedicated inventory management software, you risk wasting a lot of time and resources on tracking and managing your inventory. Many businesses we’ve worked with used to rely on outdated processes for managing inventory, such as spreadsheets and physical documents. With our inventory tracking software, we were able to maximise their everyday operations, providing them real-time visibility, free from human error.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different ways in which Joblogic’s stock control software can help your field service business be more productive.

List all Your Stock Locations in a Central Platform

Without a dedicated inventory management system, businesses find it exceptionally challenging to have visibility of all the different inventory locations. This becomes even more mismanaged as a business grows and adds more locations.

With Joblogic, managers are able to create unlimited warehouse or inventory locations and effortlessly move items between them for easy tracking. In our dedicated software, you will see a list of stock available in each area, displaying the minimum and maximum quantities. You’re also able to trace items at any given time. Our software provides a clear overview of the warehouse and your employees are less likely to reorder too much or too little of a specific item. All of this contributes to your business becoming more efficient.

Gain Full Visibility of Inventory Levels Across Sites 

While it might be easy for you to manage inventory levels on one site, it can get much trickier if you have multiple sites. It’s important for your employees to keep track of the stock levels at each warehouse, ensuring that correct timelines for work delivery are communicated to the customers.

Joblogic is committed to digitse your field service processes. We have a dedicated solution that provides business owners like yourself with complete visibility of the inventory levels across all sites. Your employees will be able to easily track the inventory and set realistic timelines for work delivery.

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Save Time on Data Entry

If you’re not currently using an inventory management software for maintenance, there’s a high chance that your employees and accounting department spends many hours each week in data entry. When performing such tasks manually, there’s an increased risk of human error. It’s also not the most efficient use of your resources, who could be working on more strategic or productive tasks.

Monitor Inventory from the Mobile App and Back Office

Some of the inventory tracking software available in the market are limited in their functionality. While they can be used on desktop systems, they don’t provide any access from smartphones. In a fast-paced field service business, this can hinder your work and efficiency.

Joblogic has a dedicated mobile app for engineers, that helps them view and manage the inventory in real-time, while out in the field. You can also use the mobile app to download reports in PDF and these can then be conveniently sent to the back office for reference. Our inventory management software can easily be integrated with your databases and current systems. Your employees will not have to travel to multiple locations to record inventory levels, as all the information will be in the hands.

Track Inventory Levels Across Vans and Alternative Sites

We understand that not every service business has multi-site support to track inventory in different locations. Many smaller companies actually have stocks in their vans and homes. This makes it tricky for conventional software to correctly track inventories in places that are not a warehouse.

Joblogic is built with multi-site support, meaning you can track your inventory in different locations, including vehicles and houses. Improve the efficiency of your team with our seamless solution – all you need to do is enter the site in the software and we’ll do the rest.

How Can I Sign up to Joblogic?

Signing up with Joblogic is simple and easy. You can book a free demo of Joblogic today and see how we can help your field business be more efficient. This free demo will be an online screen share session in which you can invite your colleagues. Our specialists will take you through Joblogic’s inventory management software. We offer a solution that can be tailored to a wide range of businesses and our prices start from just £30 per month, with free trial.

Book a free demo of Joblogic today to begin enhancing your efficiency and saving your business time and money.

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