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How Electrical Certificate Software Can Help Your Business

How Electrical Certificate Software Can Help Your Business

Electrical certificates software are written and given out to businesses and landlords who have completed an electrical safety inspection. While simple enough, at first glance, your electricians creating and distributing these certificates can be labour-intensive – especially if done manually.

Luckily, electrical certificate software can help automate and streamline the entire process. If your field staff is feeling bogged down by the administrative side, software is one gadget for electricians that makes their jobs infinitely easier.

Here are just five of the reasons why Joblogic provides the best electrical certification software for field electricians.

Save Time Creating Certificates using Electrical Certification Software

One common setback of manual certificate creation is that it simply takes too long. Writing down names, addresses, inspection results, and so on quickly becomes tedious – especially if you have a pile of certificates to get through. This slows down all parties involved, including your customers waiting on their certificates.

With Joblogic’s electrical certificates software, you can create digital certificates in a fraction of the time. As all customer details are stored in the software, new certificates can be generated and auto-filled with the click of a button. No more wasted time spent writing out certificates by hand!

Send Certificates Instantly from Any Location

Send Certificates Instantly from Any Location Using Electrical Certification Software – Section Image

From commuting from job to job to travelling back to the office, your electricians are rarely in one place for long. As such, it’s not uncommon for them to work in rural areas where there’s little to no cell service. And while paper certificates aren’t affected by a lack of internet, they’re certainly not as convenient.

If your electrical certificates software contractors are in a site with spotty coverage and need to create a certificate, they can with Joblogic’s software. The Joblogic app works offline, meaning certificates can be made and stored even when there’s no cell service. Once an internet connection is restored, the data will be automatically synced with the rest of your team.

Furthermore, our electrical certificate app enables field staff to share certificates and other digital documents with their back office in real time – regardless of location. This information can include completed risk assessments, GPS, and time-stamped data in the field, giving managers a clearer understanding of the current status of the job, vehicle, and driver.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Enhanced Clarity

Your customers are the bread and butter of your business – so it helps to keep them happy. One way of hindering customer satisfaction is a lack of transparency and communication surrounding their job status when they’re not on site.

With Joblogic’s customer portal software, clients can always be kept in the loop. Here, they can view their job progress and field staff whereabouts, download and print their certificates, as well as request quotes, and book appointments. They can even leave feedback on your contractor’s performance, which can be viewed and responded to in the office.

Overall, this digital method vastly speeds up the process of customers receiving this information and will leave a fantastic lasting impression. It also provides your consumers the transparency they expect from businesses in the 21st century – a huge selling point for your company.

Ensure Industry Compliance with On-Site Signature Capture

Ensure Industry Compliance with On-Site Signature Capture with Electrical Certificate Software - Section Image

While asking your customers to sign a paper certificate isn’t the biggest ask, it becomes a nuisance when the electrician has to return to the office to scan and upload the document. This is where digital signatures come in handy.

With the Joblogic app for electrical certificates, your electricians can get an on-the-spot signature from customers using a mobile device. Signatures captured are automatically stored with the certificate, which can be reviewed, and approved by a manager anywhere, at any time. This feature is convenient, helps streamline your operations, and ensures industry compliance.

Use Electrical Certificate Software to Store and Manage Electrical Certificates Easily

Your electricians going through a mountain of paper certificates isn’t the most productive way to spend their time – and it’s not the most secure storage method, either. It’s time consuming, inefficient and there’s always the chance certificates could get damaged or lost. And it’s bad for the environment – all that paper!

Joblogic’s electrical certificate software solution helps to eliminate these issues. Our forms logbook efficiently collects and stores data for all mobile forms and electrical certificates. With all certificates in a central location, managers can refine their searches by customer, site or form type, speeding up finding the correct document.

Compliance histories can be recorded against sites and customers, ensuring that information remains accurate and up to date. Customers can even opt to display the logbook contents in their customer portal, updating them on which certificates have been completed prior.

Which Electrical Certificates Does Joblogic Provide?

Which Electrical Certificates Does Joblogic Electrical Certificate Software Provide? - Section Image

Joblogic serves businesses in several industries across the field service management sector. With over 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as experts in offering a full range of industry compliant forms and certificates for each sector.

We have created several certificates for the electrical maintenance industry which are accessible anywhere via our electrical certificate app. These include:

  • Emergency lighting small install (shown in the image)
  • Fire alarm inspection and servicing certificate
  • Alarm system installation certificate
  • Minor electrical installation works certificate
  • Inspection and test certificate

Furthermore, these certificates are applicable for a wide range of businesses within the electrical maintenance industry, such as:

If you’re looking for a sure-fire solution to speed up your electrical certificate process, look no further than Joblogic. Our easy-to-use software streamlines the entire process, letting your field staff create and send electrical certificates and obtain digital signatures.

Book a demo today and learn more about how our electrician software can digitise your electrical business.

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