Joblogic® vs Legacy Desktop Software

Joblogic® vs Legacy Desktop Software

In today’s highly competitive service maintenance market, the best organisations seek the fastest, most efficient ways to keep their customers happy. As a result, the technological drive towards automation and monitored control has made legacy desktop software providers less relevant.

While legacy software typically offers a suite of valuable features and is still incorporated in businesses today due to their familiarity, these systems are also slow and clunky. Users have to switch between their desktop application, web browser and phone while managing multiple passwords. Even the most fundamental processes are time-consuming, often requiring expensive staff training programs to keep up with their legacy software.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Joblogic provides an open and flexible cloud-based field service management software system that is a perfect alternative to expensive, outdated software. With no IT expertise required, your business can seamlessly integrate our system into your organisation’s workflows, letting you automate and manage work processes on the fly without downtime.

Let’s explore further on the technical aspects of the product and how it fares against legacy systems:

One Simple System for Field Service Management

Featuring a streamlined interface, Joblogic has been designed with the needs of today’s users in mind. From one dashboard, users can manage everything from scheduling customer visits to generating job profit reports over a chosen period.

Other various benefits of having a centralised system include:

  • Instant access to customer information on-site with a click of the button
  • The ability to schedule and manage jobs from anywhere
  • A consolidated view of all customer interactions
  • User-friendly software with an intuitive design 

In contrast, legacy software providers often require users to log data in multiple systems, limiting department’s immediate access to critical information. For example, customer service representatives cannot generate reports on job profitability without first logging into a different software system.

Keep Your Data Secure and Safe

Legacy software also often stores data on personal computers with the provider’s own servers, making tit more susceptible to threats. Furthermore, when the original manufacturer no longer supports the system it means security patch updates are discontinued altogether. 

Joblogic’s cloud based field service software, on the other hand, is designed to be secure and safe. All customer and company data is encrypted, protecting against hackers, viruses and other threats.We also provide security updates to ensure that your data protection is up-to-date. 

In addition to data protection, our software ensures your business complies with current law legislations and industry regulations as its ISO accredited. This helps you to comply with the Data Protection Act and gives customers peace of mind that their data is protected.

Experience Less Downtime

How often have you lost productivity because your outdated software is down for maintenance? Customers unable to use your services can damage your company in the following ways: Joblogic Cloud Software

  • Potential revenue lost by not being able to service customers at peak times
  • The cost of hiring hourly staff to cover for the shortfall in work
  • Lost sales whereby your customers may seek competitor services
  • A loss of brand credibility

Joblogic’s cloud based field service software offers a disaster recovery solution, replicating software and your company data to a remote location. If business systems are compromised, the disaster recovery site can be accessed, helping the business to get back up and running ASAP.

Newer Systems can be Remotely Accessed

Joblogic’s software is accessible from various devices. By accessing the system on mobiles and tablets, technicians can continue their work seamlessly without relying on outdated methods such as spreadsheets to view information.

Older software, meanwhile, is usually designed to be accessed on one computer at a time and can only be accessed by a single user. This means there will always be at least one person who cannot enter the system at any given time due to being out of the office or having no access to a computer.

Consistent Updates Saves Money on Training

Once specific legacy software is no longer deemed useful for a company, it must be replaced with newer software. Employees consequently have to spend hours learning a new interface every few years once it’s incorporated, costing money on lost time and productivity.

Because Joblogic’s software is continually updated, there is no need for intensive training. New features and interfaces are added regularly, meaning that employees can adjust to any changes in the software without any problems.

Outdated software aside, users still need to be wary when considering a cloud field service software. For instance, some companies do not offer a free software trial period for users to understand their platform’s functionality, while expecting you to commit to a lengthy fixed-contract period.

It’s safe to say we don’t approve.

In some cases, pricing can also start from an astronomical £50 per month for a user or more – being notably higher than many competing job management software companies.


Joblogic's Field Management Software

Why Choose Joblogic?

Joblogic works to ensure that the customer is in complete control. To do so, we apply the following measures:

  • A rolling contract of Joblogic – This can be cancelled at any time by the customer, ensuring that they do not fall into an unwanted commitment.
  • An affordable, tiered pricing structure – Starting at £30 per user every month, choose a suitable job management plan for your needs.
  • A free trial period – Receive a full, complimentary software demonstration from one of our industry experts, with a free trial. No credit card or commitment needed!
  • Fully comprehensive training programs tailored to you – Our client training courses are tailor-made and adaptable to match your specialist workflows and processes

Book a free demo today to find out how Joblogic can help your business. And, if you’re moving to us from Protean Platform, we’ll give you a free user license for life to encourage you to move onto a superior platform. 

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