5 Tools Everybody in the Service Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everybody in the Service Industry Should Be Using

As a business operating in the service industry, your clients should be at the heart of everything you do. With that in mind, providing stellar client treatment and meeting their demands for service and support is vital.

Many companies are now realising that field service management software can be one of the most effective tools in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. This software incorporates all range of modules designed to help you elevate the efficiency of your team and the service you bring to your customers. Here are just a few of the tools available that you should be using for your field service business.

1. Paperless Technology

With Joblogic job management software, you’ll no longer have to rely on tons of paper for forms and other work-related write-ups, which of course have a degrading effect on the environment. By digitising your documentation with our Mobile Forms tools, you can provide a more ecological approach and also streamline the processes between your teams. As these tools support a two-way, robust connection between your back office and engineers, you can save time and improve communication.

Joblogic’s mobile forms boast three sub-facets: Industry Standard Forms, Health and Safety Compliance and Bespoke Forms.

2. Engineer Tracking

Engineer tracking is the second tool everyone can easily use, offering practicality to both the field service team and the back office. Engineers can easily access diagnostic tools, manuals and schematics, as well as customer information, all from their smart phone or device with our engineer mobile app. This helps improve first time fix rate and means no more missed schedules and no unnecessary travelling for jobs.

Using an app like Joblogic Mobile allows your engineers to achieve optimal efficiency. They are connected to the back office so they can receive important job updates, without the need to travel back to the office.

3. Customer Portal

The customer portal simply gives clients online access to their data, changing the game with real-time reporting. While producing current reports is time-consuming and expensive, the portal is available 24/7 to give you full updates and customers access to their data. With this, the company can easily stay in touch with stakeholders, while building up a great connection with the customers.

Our customer portal software also provides real-time updates for each client, with icons next to each job to show when an engineer is on the way, on site or when a job is done. With this portal, communication lapses and misunderstandings are no longer issues.

4. Stock Controlling

Stock room filled with various pipes

Everyone loves the inventory/stock control tool, as it ensures that your stock is truly in control. Inaccurate data can lead to both over- and under-ordering of parts or materials, making it even more difficult to keep track of the data and know exactly which items are in stock.

With this inventory management software, real-time data updates are now available to notify you and clients of stock availability. In addition, the tool ensures that you have adequate stock levels for each job.

5. Electronic Invoicing

Finally, electronic invoicing. This is an efficient way to share data and easily store information in your system while allowing your colleagues to see what has been recently discussed and the current status of the business. Our invoicing software essentially allows you to receive payment from customers with no waiting on postal delivery, same-day invoice dispatch and instantly populated job information.

Now that we have explored just some of the options that service management businesses can take to make their business even more successful, do you think your business is ready to take the plunge?

Our software is an ideal fit across a wide range of industries, including:

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