3 Essentials for Customer Satisfaction in Field Service


Customer satisfaction is an integral part of running a successful field service management company. Whether your back office is answering calls from a client, or your engineers are conducting planned preventative maintenance (PPM), the ultimate goal is to present quality work and keep customers happy.

No matter how good your customer service is, there is always room for growth. To continue improving your client experience, it’s imperative you return to the basics of excellent customer service.

Here are 3 essentials for boosting your customer satisfaction:

  1. Respond to problems swiftly

When a client has an immediate problem, nothing boosts satisfaction like a quick response. If a restaurant’s kitchen has a defunct boiler, a slow response negatively impacts the operations of the restaurant. Each hour that passes without the boiler being fixed can cause the eatery to lose revenue. Decrease your response time, and watch customer satisfaction increase. Here are some practical tips for your field service company:

  • Organise the operations of your business so each hour is maximised. Once efficiency is up, your mobile workers can take on new jobs more quickly.
  • Use field service management software with GPS tracking. When a customer calls in with a job, you can use location to determine the best engineer for the new project.
  • Provide your customers with the ability to log their own jobs. A self-service customer portal allows your clients to schedule a job (which also helps your back office be more efficient).
  1. Support customer satisfaction by communicating project details

If your clients constantly call your back office for details about their project, the result can be time-consuming and frustrating for both your staff and your customers. However, there’s a simple way to increase your communication without decreasing productivity.

Field service management software can support customer satisfaction through a client portal. For instance, Joblogic allows your customers to view:

  • Engineer location
  • Project invoices
  • Parts needed for a project
  • Any assets serviced
  • Documents
  • Signatures
  • Project notes

Your customers will no longer have to wait for answers from your back office. To have instant access to project information, all they’ll need to do is to access the portal. Increasing communication about project details helps you satisfy clients and lighten the workload for your back office.

3. Support customer satisfaction with updates on the progress of projects.

In addition to knowing important details for a job, your customers want to know one thing: how close their project is to completion. You can improve customer satisfaction by keeping your clients abreast of the stage of the project or when it becomes complete.

One way to do this is with service tracking from a cloud-based field service app. As your engineers complete projects, they can send status updates from their smartphones or tablets. Once your customers log into the customer portal, they’ll be able to see if their job is complete.

When it comes to improving customer satisfaction in these three ways, Joblogic provides field service management software for you and your customers. In addition to providing communication with your clients, our software increases your mobile workers’ productivity.

No matter the type of field service you provide – whether it’s gas or landscaping services -our field service management software streamlines your business to satisfy customers! Bring the benefits of field service management software to your company, and gain a valuable tool for increasing customer satisfaction. To see how the Joblogic solution can support your field service company, access our Free 30-Day Trial.

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