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With a growing number of our customers carrying out heavily asset based work, it was only natural for us to focus on ways to track, record and maintain assets as efficiently and logically as possible.

Throughout our continual development of Joblogic we are always thinking of different ways to make life easier for your back office and mobile workforce.  After some market research and feedback, we found the most effective option would be to introduce QR Codes as a system for asset tracking via our mobile application.

Although QR codes have been around for over 20 years, there are very few service management software providers that offer the functionality of asset tagging within their standard packages. Now that we have QR Codes integrated with our system, we hope that we will not only revolutionise the way that our customers collect information about their assets but ensure they will also be able to use the information gathered more effectively.

How do QR Codes work with Joblogic?

Asset tagging within Joblogic is easy: simply stick a QR Code label onto your assets, scan the code and then enter any important information about your plant item via our mobile application. From the moment you scan the code, Joblogic will store all the details instantly on the cloud, which will ensure instant retrieval of information the next time you maintain the asset using the QR Code tool. Whether you store 10 or 10,000 assets, Joblogic has no limit to how much information it can store and will work, without fail, time and time again.

qr codes asset tagging job software

Success Story

Following the introduction of Asset Tagging to our systems, some of our larger clients have rolled this feature out to some of their biggest contracts, with one example being the brand-new Facebook Offices in central London managed by Gratte Brothers. Since using the Asset Tagging feature, our clients have noticed an improved level of productivity from their engineers, increased customer satisfaction and even a stronger brand image using their personalised tags. The benefits of Asset Tagging have appeared almost instantly for our clients, and have proved to be a valuable investment for many current and future contracts.

What are the benefits of QR Codes?

  • Easy to track and maintain assets in a quick and efficient way
  • Saves time when searching for assets in a large site library
  • Provides instant access to full service history & plant details
  • Streamlines maintenance management from your office to your customers
  • Ensures you are completing work in accordance of regulatory management and compliance regulations for each individual asset
  • Provides a better service to your customers by having a comprehensive record of all asset services and details
  • Completely scalable and can be implemented in any sized business
  • Fully customisable labels to suit your businesses brand image and requirements

Find Out More

If you think that Asset Tagging may be a valuable addition to your company, please feel free to call one of our sales advisors on 0800 326 5561 who will be more than happy to take you through a live demonstration of the QR Coding system. We can also provide some tips and tricks on how you can effectively implement and maintain the asset tagging functionality to your business.

A Brief History of QR Codes

QR Codes have been used in the manufacturing industry since 1994 and their main purpose was to track vehicles during their journeys through the production line. The Japanese company Denso Wave created the system to allow for high speed component scanning & tracking, without the need to slow down the large production lines in factories across the fast-paced manufacturing quarter of Japan.

Since its initial burst into factories across Japan, in 2011 QR Codes became increasingly popular in other industries around the world, with many companies opting to use QR codes on packaging, social media and advertising efforts. Due to its versatility between the fast-paced industrial world and the social scene, QR codes quickly became a common feature in most widely known brands in the UK and internationally.

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