Guide to Using QR Codes for Asset Tagging

Guide to Using QR Codes for Asset Tagging

  1. What Is a QR Code?
  2. How Are QR Codes used in the Field Maintenance Industry?
  3. The Benefits of Using QR Codes with Joblogic
  4. How to use QR Codes via Joblogic Mobile
  5. How to use QR Codes via Home Screen
  6. How Do I Generate a QR Code?
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If you are having problems keeping track of all the asset maintenance software that you manage and what needs doing, then it is time to take a closer look at how QR codes could help your business and maintenance engineers and all they need to do so is their smartphone.  Here we look at what they are, how they work and how to use them, but first a bit of history …

Sometimes inventors create ideas too early. They devise a game-changing innovation but then must wait for the world to catch up. Back in 1994, when Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, invented the QR Code, there was the small matter that no one had heard of a smartphone, let alone owned one. QR Codes were invented too early for their own good. Before smartphones, the codes could only be used by dedicated QR readers, and as a result, many people dismissed them as a gimmick. Not anymore.

Now the full potential of QR Codes is being realised, with diverse and wide-ranging uses being found for the distinctive squares. In the UK, QR Codes returned with a bang when they were utilised by venues signed up to the Government’s track and trace network.

What Is a QR Code?

A Quick Response Code (QR code) is a type of 2D barcode that can only be read using smartphones or other devices that are dedicated to QR reading. 

The QR Code offers a significant upgrade on existing barcode technology, significantly improving functionality, storage, and accuracy. In comparison to traditional one-dimensional barcodes, QR codes hold 300 times more data using the same amount of space. 

How Are QR Codes used in the Field Maintenance Industry?

Running a field service business is no easy feat, therefore, finding little tricks here and there can certainly help the process. With a QR app you can establish better control of customer asset maintenance software and equipment on-site. Using a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet makes it easy to scan QR Codes. If you currently use field management software, like Joblogic, and do not already use the QR Code functionality, you are missing out on a huge number of benefits.

A QR feature provides an uninterrupted information flow between field service operations and the back office, as well as a variety of custom forms for equipment maintenance, repair and inspections. Field workers use their smartphones to scan a QR code, which then identifies the equipment allowing them to fill out relevant forms or enable quick access to essential information.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes with Joblogic

qr codes asset tagging job software

  • Track and maintain assets in the field easily and efficiently – a set of QR labels can be simply generated and assigned to each asset through our easy-to-use QR Code entry screen, via the Joblogic Mobile app. QR codes allow you to add additional, handy information like inventory photos or GPS location to any asset. This minimises time spent searching for an asset and photos make it easy for your team members to identify equipment or tools without any hassle. 
  • Instant access to asset data in real time – When a site has hundreds of assets it is so easy to make errors. With Joblogic’s QR Code feature, engineers can use the app and simply scan the sticker. This then takes them directly to the asset details screen with instant access to its full-service history.
  • Speed up your asset process – Maintaining an accurate inventory can take up dozens of man hours every week. Using QR Codes for asset management and inventories cuts down the time spent on data entry and improves record accuracy. Joblogic can provide specialist scanning equipment for inventory. Your team can use the saved time on other administrative tasks, like fulfilling customer orders or reviewing budget requirements.
  • Store information in the Cloud – QR codes make it easy for you to connect to and store information in the cloud. Databases stored in the cloud are easily accessible to all team members and aren’t restricted to a specific location. Cloud-based inventory systems eliminate the need to go back to an office to update records and make it easier to have records updated in real time.
  • Easy to use – QR Code asset labels scan even after they get damaged, distorted, or dirty by up to 30%. They are also readable from any direction, even if the Code is upside down.
  • No limits – Whether you store 10 or 10,000 assets, Joblogic has no limit on how much information it can store and will work, without fail, time and time again.

To see QR Codes in action, see this video.

How to use QR Codes via Joblogic Mobile

The Joblogic Mobile App has an easy-to-use QR Code feature. All of your customers’ assets can be associated with a unique barcode. This is done by going to the Asset Details screen of a specific asset, then clicking ‘Add QR Code’ (as shown in figure 1). This will open the QR scanner and when you scan a QR it associates that unique code to that particular asset. Figure 1: Joblogic Mobile - Asset Details screen

How to use QR Codes via Home Screen

You can also find the ‘Scan QR Code’ option on the Home screen (as shown in figure 2). Clicking this activates the QR scanner, allowing your engineer to scan an asset’s bar code, which takes them directly to the asset’s details screen. Doing this saves the need to navigate through multiple pages of the Mobile App. Please note for this to work the job needs to be active and must have the ‘On Site’ status.

Figure 2: Joblogic Mobile - Home screen

How Do I Generate a QR Code?

There are various websites that can be used to create a QR Code (such as here). Once you generate a unique code, you can associate this to a particular asset. This can be printed off, turned into a sticker and then attached to the asset.

Getting your service business to use QR code asset tags will save a lot of time, stress and resources in the long run. The need to be efficient is growing with every passing year and customers expect the best from your service. Achieve high productivity with QR codes and give your engineers the solution they have been waiting for.

Find Out More

Although QR codes have been around for over 20 years, there are very few service management software providers that offer the functionality of QR Code management within their standard packages. 

With QR Codes integrated into Joblogic’s system, we will not only revolutionise the way that our customers collect information about their assets but ensure they will also be able to use the information gathered more effectively.

If you think that QR code asset tracking may be a valuable addition to your field service company, please feel free to call one of our sales advisers on 0800 326 5561 who will be more than happy to take you through a live demonstration of the QR Coding system. 

We can also provide some tips and tricks on how to effectively implement and maintain the asset tagging functionality to your business.

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