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Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software

Improve how you manage grounds by using a single system that handles job bookings, asset management, reporting and more within one powerful system.

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When managing grounds at an enterprise level, you need to be able to rely on a single system to handle most of your daily operations. Our enterprise grounds management software helps you save time on admin and lowers costs, allowing you to focus on improving performance even further.

Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software – Quicker job scheduling so tasks get completed faster

Quicker job scheduling so tasks get completed faster

With enterprise grounds management software, you can make the daily task of assigning jobs a simple process. With drag-and-drop interfaces and automatic updates that tell your field operatives that they’ve been assigned a new job, job scheduling has never been easier. As a result, your team can spend less time on admin and letting your team know they have a new job and instead focus on activities that bring real value to your organisation.

Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software – Handle your invoicing and purchase orders in one software

Handle your invoicing and purchase orders in one software

You don’t need separate software to handle your invoices and purchase orders. Our enterprise grounds management software lets your team generate invoices and purchase orders in the field via our mobile app. This means they can spend less time in the office handling paperwork and more time in the field completing jobs that provide real value.

Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software – Access the software from a secure mobile app

Access the software from a secure mobile app

Our enterprise grounds maintenance software uses cloud-based technology and can be accessed via a secure mobile app. Your field team can handle every aspect of their job from the app, speeding up the time it takes to complete assignments and making compliance easier.

Our app uses a range of security features such as two-factor authentication and single sign-on to ensure that your company and customer data is secure while making it easy to complete jobs.

Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software – Dashboard reporting to let you know how your business is performing

Dashboard reporting to let you know how your business is performing

Enhance your decision-making with dashboard reporting that shows you the information that matters to your business. With easy-to-understand reports that look at the most critical metrics, our enterprise grounds maintenance software makes it easier to understand precisely how your business and teams perform. Once your reporting is in place, you can use the data to bring data-driven decision-making into the heart of your business to allow you to find ways to improve every facet of your organisation.

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Neil Sandy

Operational Maintenance Manager, E.ON

The biggest improvement has been the time saved daily. Visibility of my staff thanks to live GPS and job tracking has helped me know where staff are at all times, as well as knowing which jobs are completed and outstanding. This has saved my electricians an extra hour per day, which has increased the number of daily jobs they can complete as well.

Lorne Stewart Facilities

Andy Vickers

Operations Director, Lorne Stewart Facilities Services

Joblogic has allowed Lorne Stewart Facilities Services to simplify and efficiently mobilise contracts throughout the UK. From the initial call to our helpdesk to an engineer on-site completing work, all data is captured and curated in one system.


Oliver Hailes

Business Development Manager, Barlows UK Ltd.

Joblogic has helped take our business to the next level, improving our efficiency both on-site and in our offices. Using the Joblogic Mobile App, our engineers are able to complete all jobs and forward any relevant documents directly to the back office instantly upon completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Enterprise Grounds Maintenance Software

Enterprise grounds maintenance software is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage their grounds maintenance operations more efficiently and effectively. It provides a centralised platform for managing all aspects of grounds maintenance, including job scheduling and tracking, inventory management, crew management, and reporting and analytics.

Enterprise grounds maintenance software is a powerful tool that helps businesses of all sizes manage their grounds more efficiently and effectively. The key features of enterprise grounds maintenance software include:

  • Centralised data management: Enterprise grounds maintenance software typically stores all relevant data, including customer information, job schedules, inventory, and maintenance records, in a central location. This makes it easy for businesses to track all aspects of their grounds maintenance operations from one place.
  • Job scheduling and management: Enterprise grounds maintenance software allows businesses to schedule and manage jobs more efficiently. For example, you can use the software to create and assign work orders, track job progress, and generate reports on job completion rates.
  • Inventory management: Enterprise grounds maintenance software can help businesses track and manage their landscaping supplies and equipment inventory. This can help companies reduce costs and avoid running out of stores.
  • Maintenance records: Enterprise grounds maintenance software can help businesses track and maintain records of all maintenance tasks performed on their grounds. This can be helpful for compliance purposes and for identifying areas where you can reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reporting and analytics: Enterprise grounds maintenance software typically includes various reporting and analytics tools. This can help businesses to track their grounds maintenance performance, identify areas for improvement, and make better decisions about their grounds maintenance operations.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from enterprise grounds management software, including:

  • Educational institutions
  • Commercial properties
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Government agencies

Each of these organisation types can benefit from streamlined efficiency, reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction, and better visibility of performance that enterprise grounds maintenance software provides.