Communicating With Field Service Staff During COVID-19

Communicating With Field Service Staff During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis poses many challenges for field service businesses – not least of all is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all team members. Managers may find it difficult to create an efficient means of communication between both engineers and office staff. This is where Joblogic can help. We’ve made sure all field service businesses can continue their operations throughout this difficult period.


Engineers will no doubt be visiting multiple sites each day during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a number of ways businesses can use Joblogic’s field service software to limit the risks to both engineers and customers.

  • A mobile engineer app that can connect and communicate with the back-office in real-time
  • Site warning notes within the app which notify engineers and customers of necessary safety measures to take whilst on-site.
  • COVID-19 mobile which can be used free of charge to ensure engineers are fully compliant with all COVID-19 regulations at work.

1. Mobile engineer app

Mobile engineer app deploy jobsBy using the Joblogic mobile engineer app, field staff are able to receive their jobs remotely, without having to make trips to the office to collect or return paperwork. Your management team will be alerted when the engineer accepts a job, when they start travelling to the site and when they arrive. As soon as the job is complete the office will also get notified so they can send the invoice to the customer. Payments can be made by card over the phone, or via the payment link on an email, meaning no engineers will be required to handle cash or cheque payments.

2. Site warning notes

Joblogic’s site warning notes enable both customers and engineers to be notified of any necessary measures to take during their time spent on site. Up to three site warning flags can be set at a time, and these will be visible in advance to the engineer on their mobile so they can be aware of the required precautions before arriving on-site. During the current climate, useful warnings could be to always bring a mask, or ensure there are no jobs in which two engineers visit a site at the same time.

3. Free COVID-19 mobile forms

The new Joblogic COVID-19 forms allow your engineers to be fully compliant whilst working on-site by ensuring they document all necessary site safety information in relation to COVID-19. Whilst ensuring the safety of both your engineers and customers, full industry compliance with all COVID-19 workplace regulations is guaranteed. Once enabled, the forms will be accessible to your field staff on their mobile application. Each time a form is completed, they are instantly returned to the office in real-time so they can be reviewed.

Joblogic is ensuring a safer working environment during this period. All users are now able to use free COVID-19 mobile forms in order to ensure compliance with all COVID-19 workplace regulations.

For improved data visualisation, we’ve created a real-time dashboard to report on all COVID-19 ‘engineer daily’ forms. With this, managers can view daily reports in seconds by filtering the reports to display either passed or failed forms, or both.

Back Office

1. Manage your entire business operation remotely

Joblogic is accessible from anywhere in the world. The software lends itself perfectly to remote working and means back-office staff don’t need to congregate at the office, as they can all access Joblogic via their browser from home. All tailored real-time reporting dashboards are accessible, allowing you to still make effective business decisions using up to date operational and financial data. 

2. Flexible communication with our new VoIP telephony service

Covid-19 VoIPRemote working will see difficulties arise with communications between office staff and engineers alike. We are excited to be able to offer an all-new Joblogic-hosted telephony service – Joblogic VoIP. This impressive system provides a simple and flexible means of communication between management and employees. Access a fully-integrated cloud-based system which can be utilised by an unlimited number of users across multiple devices without the need for expensive hardware.

Joblogic VoIP can not only aid internal operations, but the system also enables fast and effective communication with customers. During these uncertain times, this can reassure customers and help to improve the service you provide.

To learn more about Joblogic, book a demo with us today. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform to help determine how it can enhance your business.

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