The Importance of Service Contractor Software

The Importance of Service Contractor Software

  1. What Is Service Contractor Software?
  2. Who Is Service Contractor Software For?
  3. How Joblogic Contractor Business Software Can Help
  4. Why Every Business Needs Service Contractor Software

The last two years have been very hard on all of us. Thankfully, we’re seeing more and more field service businesses bounce back from the lull and witnessing steep growth. Scaling your business means you need to be as efficient as possible in how you manage your projects. This is where a service contractor software can seriously help take the stress away from you, so you can focus more on growth and worry less about the day-to-day.

In this post, we’ll talk about contractor business software and why your field service business needs to have it if you already don’t.

What Is Service Contractor Software?

When a customer comes to you to get a job done, there are quite a few bits and bobs that need to be in place. You need to collect the requirements for the job and then find the right contractors to execute the work. It’s important to track the progress and stay on top of any issues that might arise. And of course, you require visibility in creating and tracking orders to generate correct invoices.

At the moment, you might be using multiple solutions to address all these processes. What a service contractor software like Joblogic does is that it takes all of these processes and puts them in one software – allowing you to better streamline your operations. A solution like this can do all of these tasks for you in one place:

  • Manage engineers’ schedules.
  • Optimise routes to job sites.
  • Track engineers.
  • Create and track purchase orders for materials.
  • Update job progress on site.Service contractor software benefits

Who Is Service Contractor Software For?

The strength of contractor business software is that it’s not designed for a specific type of field service business. The term ‘service contractor’ is itself very broad, meaning that a variety of businesses can benefit from it, such as:

We also cater for an even wider variety of specific fields that includes businesses providing appliance repair services, AV equipment installation, drinks equipment maintenance and even tile and upholstery cleaning services.

How Joblogic Contractor Business Software Can Help

When we were creating our contractor management software, we consulted with teams of engineers and field service business owners. All the technology behind our solution is based on real case scenarios, addressing the pain points of actual business owners. From just £30 per month, you can get an intelligent solution that plans, manages, and optiomises your entire business system. It’s like having a team of personal assistants.

Here are the core three areas where Joblogic can help you as you scale business:

1. Enhance your management team

With Joblogic, you centralise all of your data and business processes, maximising your management team’s output. You’ll be able to create powerful reports, manage assets, schedule jobs and engineer routes and create bespoke forms.

2. Empower your field engineers

Your field staff will love working on a dedicated mobile app that works fully offline. With this app, they’ll have access to site histories, equipment registers, job sheets, and much more. The best part? No more heavy paper trails!

3. Exceed customer’s expectations

In your business, one of the most important things for customers is transparency. With Joblogic, you can give your customers real-time portal access to the job progress. You’ll be able to send automated emails and customised documents to make your customer feel well taken care of.

Why Every Business Needs Service Contractor Software

As humans, change is always strange for us. We always frown on the prospect of something new and are naturally inclined to continue with our conventional ways of working. But not adapting to new technologies can be the difference between you scaling to new heights or letting a competitor eat your market share. Let’s talk about three everyday problems that contractor service software solves:

1. Save crucial time

Importance of service contractor software

In the past, we’ve all relied too much on paper-based systems. Not only do they create a lot of unnecessary waste, but they also require extra storage space and have a higher risk of human error. You can spend hours sorting through the documents, only to realise that it was never created in the first place. And above all, valuable time is wasted in sifting through documents.

With Joblogic’s service contractor software, you’re able to store all your important documents and certificates in one place, which are accessible with just a click of a button. Your engineers will spend less time going through the paperwork and more time actually completing the jobs.

2. Get paid faster

Service contractor software importance

The conventional way of managing contractor jobs is slow and tedious. You have to manage your workforce, purchase orders, and invoices separately. When scaling your business, you need to be quick in receiving payments.

With Joblogic, getting paid will be a breeze. Here’s what you can do with Joblogic:

  • Job-by-job invoices. Once a job is complete, your team can price it up instantly and send a professionally branded invoice to the customer.
  • Batch invoices. This allows you to print or email all invoices and associated job documents at the same time.
  • Consolidated invoicing. Using Joblogic, you can create a single invoice that details multiple jobs with each shown as a separate line.

Don’t just take our word for it though, see how invoicing automation has helped Hockley Building Services Ltd. save valuable time each day.

3. Earn more contracts

Customers these days have a lot of options. They can pick and choose who to work with and there are a variety of websites where people leave reviews about the experience they’ve had with a business. With increased competition, it’s essential for you to shine in customer service.

Joblogic contractor business software offers the following features to boost customer satisfaction:

  • Give customers accurate and realistic arrival times for engineers.
  • Set up customer alerts so clients are always updated on job progress in real-time.
  • Deliver real-time reporting to customers and allow them to view important KPIs using the Customer Portal.

These benefits should give you enough reasons to switch to a more streamlined and intelligent software like Joblogic.

To learn more about Joblogic, book a demo with us today. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform to help determine how it can enhance your business.

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