How to Hire the Best Engineers for Your Team

How to Hire the Best Engineers for Your Team

Looking to hire the ideal individual to boost the productivity of your team and take things to the next level? Whether your organisation operates in facilities maintenance, HVAC or electrical engineering, hiring the right individuals can make all the difference for your company.

With all of the new technology available today, you might assume hiring has become easier than ever before – and in some ways, it has with online job boards and resume databases. However, while these tools are fantastic at helping you find qualified applicants, it’s no guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Below we’ll take you through a step-by-step process so you can efficiently hire a service engineer that’s most suited.

Start with Writing the Perfect Job Listing

Writing a great job listing may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses get it wrong. As a result, they receive a ton of unqualified applicants that don’t fit the job description.

To hire a tradesman or engineer fully qualified to service your clients, you need to reach out to targeted applicants. Follow these easy steps to do so:

  1. Start by listing out the required skills and experience necessary to fill this role. For example, you may prefer candidates who have experience using a mobile app for engineers.
  2. List out the key responsibilities, such as their day to day tasks on-site and any new projects or initiatives that they will be expected to work on.
  3. Describe the ideal candidate – what kind of personality do you want on your team? What work habits are expected of them, etc.
  4. Finally, ensure your company stands out from the crowd! Include a bit about your company culture – what incentives or benefits are employees given? Do people wear jeans on Fridays?

Post your Job Listing in the Right Places

Now that you have a fantastic job listing, where should you post it? While many online tools and platforms can help connect businesses with the right talent, the best place to post will depend on a few different factors.

First, consider how many applicants you are looking for – do you need one person or dozens? For example, posting in niche job boards or targeted networking groups can be highly effective in hiring an individual possessing a particular set of skills. Job sites like Tech Careers and JobsInManufacturing, for example, deliver specifically for engineering industries.

If hiring more generic service engineers by the dozen is your goal, big job boards like Monster or Indeed Jobs can be a great option.

Other trustworthy places to hire a tradesman or engineer include the following:

  • Gumtree
  • LinkedIn
  • Trade publications
  • Local newspapers
  • Temporary staffing agencies.
  • Your own company website

Streamline your Hiring Process

Once you’ve gathered potential candidates, it’s time to screen them whilst having a set plan for each stage of the selection process.

Here are some tips for streamlining this part of hiring:

  • Create a list of questions that you will ask candidates in each stage, ensuring they’re qualified. For example, you might ask HVAC interviewees to describe the steps they would take in troubleshooting an air conditioning unit
  • Write out all interview dates ahead of time – don’t forget about scheduling two meetings on one day if needed
  • Make sure all interviewers are on the same page. If your company plans to speak with a candidate more than once, ensure your second interviewer has read up about the person’s background
  • Use an applicant tracking system – this will simplify filing applications that arrive after a job listing expires
  • Set a deadline for applications if your job listing has a high volume of applicants

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Check References to Ensure Candidate is Reliable

Asking for references is an integral part of how to hire a service engineer. You need someone reliable to prevent lost time or resources due to poor work performance. At first, it might seem awkward to request these references, but it’s worth being upfront to find the right person for your company.

First, ask references if they would hire this person again – many former employers will give you their honest opinion about their working relationship. Also, ask why they left their company position or how long ago this employee worked there. Simple questions like these can provide valuable insight into any problems within their previous role(s).

In addition to former employers, speaking to their former co-workers can provide a good indication of their work ethic. If someone was the type of employee that other people looked up to, then they’re probably an excellent fit for your company.

Introduce Trial/Probationary Periods 

Trial periods are a great way to test out potential employees before committing to hiring full-time. If you put someone on probation, they must understand that their job is not guaranteed and will be expected to work hard during this time.

This period can last anywhere from two weeks up to six months – provided your state does not have any legislation against it. Some industries may judge performance on a single project or task, rather than a specific time frame. For example, if you’re hiring for a supervisory construction position, you may want to evaluate their performance from the beginning of your client’s property construction right to the end.

If the person you’ve hired doesn’t meet your expectations, be sure to let them know so they can improve or leave on good terms.

How to Manage your New Engineer

While the hiring process might seem tedious and time-consuming, the benefits of a carefully selected team will be worth all the time  invested.

When hiring service engineers that perfectly align with your business goals, your company should progress quickly. This is why it’s essential to take a strategic approach – after all, hiring the wrong person for one position could also negatively impact the rest of your staff!

After you’ve hired your dream team of engineers, Joblogic workforce management software is there to help you assign jobs and track their progress. With a centralised platform for all of your field services needs you can enhance the efficiency of your team and complete more jobs per day. Why not book a demo of our platform today and our industry experts can talk you through just how we can help your business.

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