The Importance of Asset Surveys in Field Maintenance

The Importance of Asset Surveys in Field Maintenance

  1. What is an Asset Survey?
  2. Why Are Asset Surveys Important?
  3. Using Asset Survey Software to Effectively Manage and Track Assets
  4. What is a Condition Survey?
  5. The Numerous Benefits of Mobile Asset Data Capture
  6. Which Industries Should Use Asset Surveys?

When it comes to maintaining assets, safety and compliance are among the primary concerns of building and facility managers. Due to these numerous company obligations, it has become common practice to store asset details in an asset register.

Asset registers contain a log of all assets, which records their location, condition, and when it was last checked. However, while an up-to-date asset survey and site register can go a long way towards proper asset maintenance, it’s not always straightforward to organise and store this information in paper formats.

One way to maintain this record more efficiently and accurately is through asset survey software. Asset survey software programs allow you to carry out detailed inspections that can help identify any potential hazards or safety concerns before they become serious issues.

What is an Asset Survey?

An asset survey records all buildings and assets into a single, structured register. It also allows you to collect attribute information on each asset to give users a better and broader picture. Building and facility managers can combine asset surveys with SFG20 which can be used as a primary source of guidance to ensure that assets are maintained correctly and on schedule.

Why Are Asset Surveys Important?

Mobile Asset Survey

By carrying out regular condition surveys and asset data capture, businesses can better assess their levels of capital risk. As a result, they can look to target scarce resources where they’re needed most and align their investment strategies to match business goals. It can also help to reduce operational expenditure.

Using Asset Survey Software to Effectively Manage and Track Assets

Field asset management software, offered by Joblogic, lets you manage asset surveys easily on-site via a mobile application. This helps engineers in the field save time by letting them capture and store data quickly whilst on the move.

An asset survey software can categorise assets by type and include information such as its make and model, serial number, installation date, and condition. When it comes to tracking your list of assets on-site, you can use the following to capture essential data:

  • Asset Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Asset Tagging and RFID Deployment
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis
  • 6 FACET Surveys
  • Dilapidation Surveys

What is a Condition Survey?

A detailed inspection is performed to determine the condition of a building and their assets, providing crucial information on what repairs, if any, are required.

A survey report should provide a range of information on a building or asset, including any electrical or mechanical defects. This detailed report will help managers identify potential problems before they escalate and become more expensive to fix later down the line. It also gives you an accurate measurement of your capital risk (what it would cost for that asset to reach end-of-life) which can then be used in business planning decisions.

Reasons to Incorporate Asset and Building Condition Survey Software 

Asset and building condition survey software is the best way to manage assets and buildings.

Building information can be easily inputted, stored and shared with other professionals which can be accessed anywhere. An asset condition survey can also be used as an audit trail of documentation, which is helpful in terms of complying with legislation and avoiding disputes.

At Joblogic, we provide condition surveys and asset data capture to record essential information about buildings and assets via your mobile, including their current state, future outlooks and what needs immediate attention. With this information easily accessible from a central location, you can efficiently plan PMM schedules, carry out a risk analysis and monitor the condition of your assets.

The Numerous Benefits of Mobile Asset Data Capture

Using a mobile app to capture asset data on-site provides added convenience and accuracy to businesses wishing to maintain records of their assets. Assets can be categorised, tagged and relayed to managers in real-time, allowing for up-to-date status updates across all sites.

In addition to accurately recording and monitoring assets like machinery, asset surveys can also help to reduce operational expenditure by identifying areas of inefficiency that can be improved.

Below are additional advantages of capturing asset data through your mobile phone:

Say Goodbye to Piles of Paperwork

In the past, facility managers would need to print asset registers which took up significant amounts of paper. Staff also manually tracked and filled out spreadsheets with asset data, typically leading to errors that compromised further maintenance plans. When incorporating mobile asset data capture, your team can fill in data on-site and send it back to the office with a single click.

Technicians can Create Automated Custom-Built Forms

Building managers can use asset surveys via their mobile app to create custom-built forms. This allows them to configure a template from scratch or use a pre-defined template for their recorded assets. Custom-built forms are beneficial for highly unique consumer assets, as they are typically out of the scope for standard templates.

Increases Efficiency via a Built-in QR code scanner

Asset tagging with QR codes can be done on-site with a mobile phone, adding convenience and accuracy to the process.

After scanning an asset’s QR code, it’s information will be displayed immediately, informing technicians on its condition and whether potential repairs are necessary. A QR code scanner also enables managers to quickly locate assets from a cloud-based asset management software without entering information manually.

Which Industries Should Use Asset Surveys?

Not sure whether an asset condition survey or mobile asset data capture are relevant to your industry? The following includes popular industries that regularly use asset surveys:

  • Building and property management
  • Field service maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors
  • Fire safety and security installation services

If your business is struggling to create asset surveys effectively, then we’re here to help. Put Joblogic’s software to the test with a free demonstration and free trial period, with no credit card or commitment. Start today and help your business become an industry leader.

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