What is Facilities Management Self Service Software?

What is Facilities Management Self Service Software?

Facilities management software with self service functionality allows managers, employees and customers to view, update and track their data from a centralised location.

Self-service facilities management software saves time for all parties involved as features can be assessed anytime through a computer or mobile device. This also lightens the load of administrative tasks as workers can submit project updates on the software, saving time on sending emails back and forth to their customers.

The software also enables:

  • Engineers to communicate and share information with other virtual employees to help diagnose and troubleshoot problems on-site
  • Customer requests to be managed and tracked for a quicker service
  • Technicians to access service history of assets and equipment 
  • Managers to create work orders for future tasks and create reminders for upcoming work orders

Advantages of Self-Service Software in Facilities Management

Joblogic’s facilities management software self service software is all about maximising efficiency on both strategic and operational levels. For example, customers can log and track jobs themselves via the Customer Portal should you provide them with these privileges. Therefore, service desk managers do not have to take calls, and customers can avoid the frustration of being put on hold or spending several minutes on the phone for details of the job’s current status.

The user-friendly diary portion of Joblogic’s facilities management software allows customers to see when and where workers are available, so there is no need to call to check on availability. Implementing a self-service web portal is hugely beneficial for the customer and the service desk manager, saving a considerable amount of time which can be used focusing on other essential tasks.

A person viewing their custom Joblogic dashboard on a tablet

Other Advantages of Self Service Software in Facilities Management

24/7 Access

Customer self service software is a non-stop environment available to both customers and service providers. There are no time restrictions when self-service applications are used, as customers can access the system and log jobs during any time. Providing customers with 24/seven access to information and services also lets them track job progress, while enabling them to add their own comments.

Managers can also access the self-service system, where they can log jobs, access reports and receive alerts for important events. Self-service reduces operational costs by removing the need to have full-time staff dedicated solely to responding to customer requests.

Job Logging Time Reduction

As customers can complete all required fields to log their jobs directly, the time needed to log the job itself is also considerably reduced. Form fields will typically contain the type of equipment fault, its exact location, and any job-specific details. This information will then form the main part of the job sheet, which all involved parties can instantly view.

Self-service facilities management software reduces the time needed to log a job and allows for more accurate data collection and sends alerts for important events. With a customer portal, human errors with transcription and manual data entry tasks are eliminated.

Duplicate Tasks are Removed Entirely 

A double booking can typically occur when an employee logs their own jobs, unaware of any previous requests for the same job. This is particularly true when there has been an increase in workload due to new projects or layoffs, making it difficult for workers to keep track of all existing jobs and customer details.

For example, two clients who need servicing may have been booked on the same time slot by multiple employees. This can lead to major scheduling problems and the need for managers and technicians to miss out on other jobs.

By using facilities management self-service software, customers can log their own jobs, which will eliminate duplicate bookings and administrative mistakes. Self-service means that customers can manage their own jobs and services instead of employees doing so, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Maximised Productivity and Efficiency

Facilities management self service software allows users to prioritise and schedule all jobs that need servicing from a centralised platform, anytime and anywhere. This ensures available technicians receive customer requests as soon as possible and can act on them immediately.

Self-service facilities management software allows managers to receive alerts for important events and see priority jobs that need servicing first, making scheduling service calls more streamlined.

Therefore, managers are always aware of all assignments’ status and location, along with who’s working on them and which technicians are free for future jobs. It also prevents service engineers from experiencing burnout from handling too many assignments and maximises productivity by tackling the most time-sensitive tasks first.

By streamlining workflow, managers can focus their efforts on other important tasks such as running reports or analysing business profitability for future expansion.

Better Help Desk – Client Communication

The job of help desk workers is made easier with the help of self-service implementation. This is because their workload is reduced, and they can focus on more complex tasks.

All requests for assistance submitted by clients can be answered thanks to customer self-service software, as all required information is in a job sheet completed and saved online. This saves staff from answering high volumes of phone calls or responding to emails – saving costs and improving customer satisfaction.

As self service facilities management software allows for improved communication between the client and help desk workers, the system as a whole becomes more efficient.

A laptop displaying Joblogic's reporting feature, a tablet displaying Joblogic's planning feature and a mobile phone displaying Joblogic's engineer app

Joblogic Facilities Management Software

Joblogic is a leading provider of facilities management software, offering an advanced cloud-based solution designed to provide managers and technicians with the best tools possible. Joblogic’s customer self service software also allows your clients to make their own bookings online – reducing costs and improving efficiency across your business as a whole.

If you would like to find out more about how Joblogic can help your business, it’s time to try our exclusive software. Don’t forget, you can test our software for yourself completely free of charge if you sign up for our free trial.

We also don’t require your card details during registration!

Alternatively, you can get in touch to discuss our software options or book a free demo. Afterwards, one of our consultants will introduce the software in the context of your business and guide you on its use.

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