6 Benefits of Using Eforms for Your Field Service Business

6 Benefits of Using Eforms for Your Field Service Business

Eforms have become the ideal choice for many field service businesses in 2021. Going digital not only reduces the cost of printing and distributing but it also comes with a range of other benefits that improve your organisational workflow. Field service companies can drastically improve their management capabilities by digitising their business with an all-in-one solution to store their work and industry compliance forms.

What Is an Eform?

Eforms Software with Joblogic app

An e-form (electronic form) is a computerised version of a paper form. In the service maintenance industry, eforms are crucial for achieving compliance and providing clients with a record when a job is completed.

What Types of Eforms Do Joblogic Offer?

Joblogic offers a huge range of web-based electronic forms to support your business. These are catered to a variety of service industries including HVAC, electrical maintenance, roofing, facilities management, plumbing and heating engineers. We can take any paper-based form (including a risk assessment, compliance sheet, gas safety certificate or minor electrical works) and turn it into a series of digital questions that can be answered by an on-site engineer via the mobile app.

All forms that are completed by engineers on-site can be sent back to the office in real-time for safe storage within the system. Joblogic also gives the freedom to create your very own eforms using our mobile form builder. This lets you design forms and certificates that cater to your own niche processes and workflows.

What Are the Benefits of Electronic Forms?

Eforms are a great addition to your field service business. They’ll save you time, boost industry compliance and give your customers peace of mind. So what makes them so useful? See the 6 key benefits below:

  • They’re fully customisable: You can easily personalise our industry forms to include your company logo and important brand messaging. This adds a professional, organised feel to your reports while promoting your brand. You also have the option to use our mobile form builder, where you can create your own forms to comply with niche industry standards.
  • They offer automatic functions with minimal data entry: Automated functionality eliminates the need to keep entering your information manually. Joblogic can auto-fill the header information such as customer name, address and job number so that your engineers can focus on answering the questions on the form. This can be a great time-saver and can remove potential errors.
  • They can be stored securely: Joblogic’s secure infrastructure means that your data is kept safe. Also, Joblogic’s cloud-based system ensures that all your information is backed up, meaning you will never lose important data.
  • They’re easy to use: Our industry-standard forms are designed in a simple way to make it easy for your business to fill in the information. It is also made straight-forward for your engineers to complete thanks to distinct questions and clear answer-boxes.
  • They’re usable across any device: Industry compliance eforms can be viewed on Joblogic’s mobile engineer app, allowing your workers to fill in information on-the-go. This is especially important for completing compliance sheets such as risk assessments and gas safety certificates.
  • They’re easily accessible: Instead of needing to keep paperwork in a filing cabinet, Joblogic stores all of your reports together in a central, electronic system. This means that whenever you are logged into your Joblogic account, you will have access to both standard and bespoke eforms. By using Joblogic’s multi-purpose software, not only do you have a place to manage your business, but you also have a system to create and complete industry-mandated forms.

How Can You Access Eforms?

To access your electronic forms within Joblogic, you can go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Electronic Forms’. Based on your industry, we will automatically deploy relevant forms for your workers to use on their smartphone or tablet. You can deploy as many online sheets to your field engineers as you like, including ones that you have custom-built within the system. When on our ‘Electronic Forms’ page, you can simply tick the relevant boxes under the ‘Deploy’ category. This makes your job simple and time-effective. Electronic form library within Joblogic

When your field engineer is completing a job on-site, they will receive the relevant eforms on the Joblogic mobile app. Engineers can complete forms with or without an internet connection. This is particularly useful if you are working from a remote location. When you have a connection, the forms can be automatically sent back to the office for managerial approval and safe storage.

Below is an example of a gas safety form on the mobile app alongside a gas safety certificate that is saved within the system once completed.

Eform checklist for boiler inspection

Gas safety form to be completed by the engineer on their mobile.

Gas safety inspection certificate

 Gas safety certificate saved within Joblogic once completed.

Once your engineer has filled in a form via the Joblogic mobile app, you can find the form attached to the job or asset it was completed against as a PDF. All completed electronic forms can be saved, printed and emailed to customers. You can also give clients access to our customer portal to let them see completed forms in real-time.

For more information about our electronic forms, visit our dedicated page for mobile forms software. If you do not have a Joblogic account yet, sign up for a free trial (no card details needed) and you will be able to access our forms.

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