Advantages of Facilities Management Self Service

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Both facilities management (FM) companies and their customers can enjoy many advantages by considering self-service software applications.

Facilities management is really about maximising efficiency on both strategic and operational levels. For example, by using the web portal of Joblogic’s service tracking software,  customers are able to log jobs for themselves. Therefore, service desk managers do not have to take calls, and the customer can avoid the frustration of being put on hold, or spending several minutes on the phone for details of the job’s current status.

The user friendly diary portion of Joblogic’s software allows customers to see when and where workers are available, so there is no need to actually call to check on availability. The implementation of a self service web portal is extremely beneficial not only for the customer, but for the service desk manager as well – who is able to save a considerable amount of time and focus on other important tasks.

Other Advantages of Facilities Management Self Service

  • 24/7 access– There are no time restrictions when self-service applications are used. Customers can access the system and log jobs at any time of the day or night. Self service is a non-stop environment available to both customers and service providers. This instantly translates into higher process efficiency and important time saving on both ends.
  • Job logging time reduction – Because customers log the job directly, completing all required fields, the time needed to log the job itself is also considerably reduced. The fields might contain data such as the type of fault, the exact location, and any job specific details. This information will then form the main part of the job sheet.
  • Duplicate tasks are completely eliminated – Double bookings can be eliminated with the use of such software. Where more than one person is tasked with reporting issues, the customer can easily access information such as requests that have already been logged, and duplication is avoided.
  • Maximised productivity – Self service management solutions basically automise the work process. This way, job productivity is maximised and there is always more time available to focus on business related tasks that need personal attention.
  • Better help desk – client communication – the job of help desk workers is definitely made easier with the help of self service implementation. The staff does not have to answer such a great volume of phone calls or to write so many emails; thus workers will be able to manage jobs much better and prioritise important resources. It also helps them automatically assign jobs to the best contractor that fits the requirements of a certain task.

These are only a few of the main advantages that speak in favor of opting for self service software implementation, but others include:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Important administrative savings
  • Great improvements regarding space usability and efficiency.

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