service tracking software

What does service tracking software do?


Service tracking software is used to keep track of the status of field service jobs and the location of engineers in relation to the job process. It refers to tracking the status of the jobs in terms of the process, not the actual physical location of the engineer.

An explanation of tracking engineers using GPS can be found in our article about engineer tracking software.

There are many systems that offer solutions in this area for both the service management company and their clients. JobLogic’s solution for field service management software offers an easy way for service desk operators to keep track of their engineers in real-time through their mobile application. For customers waiting for the service professional, the software allows them to track the status of their jobs, so there is no need to call their service management company. An additional benefit to JobLogic’s system is that it allows customers who need to log jobs with their service management company of choice to do so through an online portal.

How Does JobLogic Mobile Help?

JobLogic Mobile is an application designed for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices. It allows electronic job sheets and digital versions of paper compliance forms that are legal requirements in many service industries such as gas, electrical and air conditioning, to be sent to engineers. The need to demonstrate compliance is not restricted to these industries alone, so JobLogic offers solutions to match its customer’s requirements.

What Can the Office See?

In the office, the service desk manager has a calendar on which they can see all of the jobs scheduled for each engineer across a given time period. It is also possible to filter by engineer type and display only their calendar. This makes it easier for them to manage the workload and deploy jobs to the most appropriate engineer. The biggest benefit to the service desk manager is that communication between the device and the office is instantaneous, so engineers receive job sheets as soon as they’re deployed from the manager’s PC.

End User Input

Some service tracking solutions allow the customer to log jobs for themselves, which reduces the amount of time the service desk manager needs to spend on the phone, reading emails, text messages or other forms of communication. Customers log into the system directly and specify their problem and even upload attachments which will form the basis of the job sheet. The service desk manager can then check the information before deploying it to the appropriate engineer.

Service Tracking Software Solutions

Making use of software to keep track of your service management company means that you will be able to do more with the same resources by making sure they have been deployed efficiently. Because the system facilitates direct communication between the office and field, it is also possible to keep engineers out on the road serving your customers and improve response times because service professionals no longer need to return to the office to collect paper job sheets or submit compliance forms.

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