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Joblogic keeps track of your engineers, jobs and contracts, all whilst keeping your landscaping business profitable and your customers happy.

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Three things you should look for in software for landscapers

Can this software help you manage your company more effectively?

As with any company, effectively managing your day to day work is essential for business success. Whether it be organising your schedules, completing paperwork or chasing unpaid invoices, each task can easily become time consuming and cause you to use your time less efficiently. When using software like Joblogic, the stress of paperwork is rapidly reduced and your day can be freed up for more productive tasks.

While it makes sense to use scheduling software to organise people more efficiently, it’s also worthwhile having a suite of landscaping software that allows you to also manage stock control, CRM and accounting too. As Joblogic is an all-round product, these tasks can be completed using one system so less time is spent processing information between disjointed systems.

Can this landscaping software provide quick quotes to get new business?

Bringing in new business is important to the growth of any company so it is essential that you can quickly generate new quotes to beat competitors and allow for immediate response from the potential clients. Not only should quotes be raised quickly, it is also important for your business to follow up the quotes to ensure the leads turn into sales.

Using Joblogic, landscaping businesses can create and send branded quotes in seconds. With the integrated CRM Module, leads can be tracked from the initial enquiry and followed all the way through to a complete conversion. Additionally, your company can track where your leads are being generated from to help improve your current advertising and promotional strategies.

Will this landscaping software grow with your business?

When making an investment in Landscaping software, it’s important that the system can grow as your business does. This means it should be modular and scalable, so when your business grows the system can evolve and expand to suit the future of your company. It is important to have a system with complete flexibility to ensure total security should the business direction change. To minimise disruption, Joblogic has features that can be utilised seamlessly without the need of additional programs or a brand-new landscaping system.

To keep up with growth and demand within your business, it is possible to add more users to the system to assist you with winning more contracts and to bring in more work. Our experienced sales team can demonstrate how Joblogic can maximise workplace efficiency and increase business growth in a matter of weeks.

You asked, we answered

Is it possible to see how Joblogic can help before purchasing?

At Joblogic it is important for us to ensure you understand exactly what our landscaping software can do for you. Our experienced sales team will be more than happy to book in a demonstration with a representative of your company to illustrate the positive implications of introducing landscaping software to your business.

Do my staff need training to be able to use Joblogic?

To ensure you get the most out of Joblogic, we do advise taking part in our specially designed training programs. Our aftersales team can arrange a training plan to suit your “Go Live” schedule to ensure your staff can use Joblogic to its full potential.

Do we need to buy computer equipment to use this or to store data?

Joblogic is accessible from any device connected to the internet, meaning you do not need to buy expensive server hardware to run it. Furthermore, we store all your data securely in the cloud, allowing you to access it when and where you need to.

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