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Four essential features that you should look for in Handyman Software

Will it be easier to manage my business?

The temptation for any small business to use low-cost methods to look after paperwork is typically one of the main reasons why effective business management is jeopardised. For example, Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application, but takes a lot of time and investment to carry out a simple task such as scheduling an operative to a job. While Excel is cheap, it’s also non-intuitive – meaning it can’t do things like show where operatives are on a map. It can’t be updated in real time and it requires a lot of work in data processing from your back-office staff.

Using handyman business software, such as Joblogic, makes it possible to manage and schedule your operatives simply by dragging and dropping jobs into their diary. This is proven to increase productivity 10-fold as jobs are instantly sent to the technician’s device, which in turn cuts down on paperwork and unnecessary trips to and from the office. The time and resources saved can then be used to inject more value into the company, helping it to grow further.

Can I get estimates to customers quickly with this handyman software?

Being able to effectively quote for new business in a short window of time is important to any handyman business to ensure they are ahead of their competitors. Therefore, it is essential that handyman software can prepare professional branded quotes that can be sent to prospects quickly, to maximise the chances of conversion.

Joblogic enables users to add new contacts in seconds, allowing branded quotes to be prepared and sent to customers in the click of a button. Using the CRM module, your back office can follow up quotes to convert enquiries into new business and track where leads have been generated, encouraging more effective promotion of your services.

Can the software improve my relationship with customers?

Handyman companies typically complete a high volume of low value jobs to maintain their business income, therefore it is important to get invoices paid quickly to keep cash flow at a maximum. Handyman software needs to be able to capture all data on site to ensure customers are satisfied with the standard of work that has been completed. It’s also good to have a portal so your clients are able to track the status of jobs, freeing up the office from phone calls chasing work completion dates.

To reassure your customers that jobs are being completed as scheduled, Joblogic’s mobile app can retrieve GPS and time stamped locations from your engineers’ device. This gives an extra level of security and trust from your customers that all work is being carried out appropriately and professionally.
The app also gives operatives the opportunity to take photos, capture forms and customer signatures which can then be appended to job sheets, ensuring that your customers have no reason to delay or dispute payment.

Will this software grow as my business grows?

One of the most important things to consider when looking for handyman business software is whether the system can maintain its usability as the business grows. If software is not scalable, it could become a roadblock for business growth, and the path to business success could be dictated by impractical software.

To ensure that you can oversee your business direction, Joblogic is completely modular and scalable - meaning as your company grows, Joblogic grows with you. Typically, when a handyman business begins using Joblogic, they may only use a handful of modules that are essential for a small number of users. As the business grows and the customer base increases, Joblogic can be adapted to accommodate these changes and will work hand in hand with the evolution of your company.

You asked, we answered

Is it possible to see how Joblogic can work for my business before I buy it?

To ensure you are getting the best fit for your business, our experienced sales team will be more than happy to arrange a demonstration of our handyman software. Whether you have 2 or 200 users, we can show you the immediate benefits your company would see, should you choose to introduce Joblogic.

Do my staff need training to be able to use Joblogic?

To make sure that your business gets the most out of Joblogic, we do recommend taking part in some of our bespoke training sessions. That way you can go live with the system as soon as possible, as your staff are up to date with any new business processes.

Do we need to buy expensive computer equipment to run this software?

As Joblogic is completely cloud based, any device connected to the internet with a compatible web browser can access the system. To ensure that you don’t have to worry about any expensive equipment, like servers, we host and take care of your company data. Your engineers can also use their mobile phones to access Joblogic mobile, so PDAs or specialist devices are not required.

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