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Field service management software is a connected system that provides staff with the information instantly and at the click of a button. Are your back office team and your field engineers disconnected? Does it result in duplication of data, excessive paperwork and low productivity? Read below to learn more about the state of your company and possible solutions.


Regardless of what type of field service management company you run, whether in the UK or elsewhere, you should undertake a short test and answer the following set of questions to be able to evaluate where your business stands:


1. Do we have detailed data to determine if we are meeting key performance indicators (KPIs)? In other words, do we have sufficient data that shows where we are at and where we want to be?

2. Do we spend a sufficient amount of time planning our business? How much time, if any, do we spend on strategy?

3. Can we determine which clients are most profitable? Do we have detailed records that reveal what we net on each client project?

4. When an engineer leaves, do things go smoothly during the transition process? Do we struggle to transfer the routine of the previous engineer to the next one?


If you answered “yes” to all of the questions – well done! If there have been a few “no’s”, you should try and analyse how you could improve these points. However, if you answered “no” to most of the questions above, your business probably needs a little help with time and staff management, data storage and data analysis.

When it comes to managing your company, implementation of industry-specific field service management software represents the magic tool that will save you time and many headaches. You will be able to remain more focused on important elements of your business, such as analyses of the profitability of your customers and analyses of job costs. You will have enough time to set the most important KPIs for your business and you will be able to regularly compare them against your current figures. This way you will not only improve your ROI, but you will get to know your business better than ever before!


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Benefits of Field Service Management Software 

Field service management software: 


From the hours your mobile workers spend on the road to the amount of time they spend on projects, you need key performance indicators to determine if your company is on track. However, you can’t measure profitability if you don’t have the right and nicely organised data.

With suitable work management software, you gain the ability to capture important activities. This will let you review the recorded status updates and evaluate engineers’ performance. You will be also able to easily determine if you’re meeting your KPIs and act accordingly.



Some clients are going to drain more of your time while creating less revenue. That’s a fact. But you can’t segment your clients based on their profitability without a reliable tool that would enable you to log each and every project with the smallest details. Joblogic field service and work management software is such a tool!

For instance, service tracking shows each step in a project, allowing you to see how much of your engineer’s time is being consumed on a given job. Avoid combing through your files for invoices, worker hours and other data on your clients. Who has time for that? Simply consult one tool to find the data you need.



When your back office spends inordinate amounts of time in paperwork, scheduling and more, your office workers won’t have time to free you up for strategic planning. However, cloud-based organisation tools can eliminate stress for your back office.

Joblogic, for instance, allows you to schedule a job, find previous information on a client and send an engineer the task to his or her mobile device. This improves efficiency for your back office and ultimately helps you allocate your time toward strategy.



Seasoned engineers are an asset to your field service company. But the more dependent you grow on a mobile worker, the more vulnerable your company becomes if that engineer leaves or retires.

A productivity tool allows you to document the tasks of an experienced engineer. Even if the engineer goes away, you’ll avoid merely reacting to the event. Instead, you’ll know that your software has captured his or her experience – all tasks have been recorded so you can pass on the information to the next employee.


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Start Seeing Results with Field Service Management Software


  • Send jobs to your field engineers instantly
  • Get updates back in real time
  • Offer your clients web portal access to their data
  • Increase productivity as your engineers complete more jobs per day
  • Invoice quicker and improve cash flow with real-time data
  • Stay away from your competitors!

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