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Service and maintenance companies are under pressure to deliver real time reporting to their customers. In the internet age it’s not enough to produce monthly reports to back up the work that is being done out on site. In a time where people can track deliveries and taxis in real time, the same is now expected in the building services industry.

Customers are demanding to know when an engineer is on route to a job. They want to be able to view their asset register online and download reports. They want access to key performance indicators (KPIs) and site history. The quality of information provided to clients is now as important as the quality of the work being carried out.

Producing reports for customers is extremely time consuming and expensive. Offering real time reporting is almost impossible without a dedicated service management system. The Joblogic Customer Portal helps to win and retain contracts by giving your customers access to their data 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Dashboards and Reports

When your customers log in to the portal they will be presented with a professionally branded dashboard showing them the key metrics that they're interested in. For example you might want to display total outstanding jobs, jobs attended within SLA or first time fix rate. Joblogic presents the data to the customer in a way that is intuitive and easy on the eye. They can download detailed reports, view their site history or look at asset registers. The client portal system really sets your service business apart from the crowd and creates a USP for your company.

Real Time Status Updates

Customers typically call or email you to find out what's going on with a job. This creates a lot of phone calls and an administrative burden for your back office team. Using the portal your customers can see the real time status of their jobs without contacting you. They can see icons against each job to show when an engineer is on route, on site or when a job is completed. You can give your customer access to job notes, engineer recommendations, photos and certificates. They can download job sheets as PDFs if they need to. If your clients haven't got their own system you might want to offer them the facility to log their own jobs. You'll get a notification when they've created a job. This saves your office team logging it and they can get on with deploying it to an engineer.

Quotes and Invoices

In addition to giving your customers job information you can also give them access to quotes and invoices. As soon as you create a quotation it will be available for your customer to view online, download as PDF or print. It's really simple for them to approve the quote too. They can add their order number, comments and even upload a document such as their purchase order. This makes your company easy to buy from and encourages a quick turnaround between quoting and winning the work. Any sales invoices and credits that you create in Joblogic will also be available in the portal. Invoice queries are another admin burden for your office team which can be eliminated by letting your customers search, download and print their own online. Your clients can also pay their invoices online using our payment gateway for debit and credit cards. Improve your cash flow by offering this secure and convenient payment method.

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