How a Field Service App Can Catch the Unproductive Engineer


When you run a successful field service company, you know how to maximise your resources and minimise your costs. Yet, for owners overseeing the operations of their business, there’s one problem.

It’s difficult to pinpoint inefficiency for your HVAC, plumbing, electrical or gas company because it’s impossible to be in more than one place at one time. In short, you can’t hover over your engineers to ensure they’re productive.

However, there is a solution for busy business owners like yourself: a field service management app. It is a mobile tool that spots the unproductive engineer when you can’t. Here are three ways that this cloud-based solution will help you monitor your mobile workers.

  1. A field service app spots the engineer wasting time on the road.

It’s possible that your engineers are taking longer routes to their jobs. They may even be billing you for miles they never traveled. The beauty of a field service app is that you gain GPS tracking and travel logging features. If your worker sends an update that he has completed a job, use GPS tracking to see him travel to the next job in real time.

When your worker sends in their mileage, reference the status updates before you reimburse for mileage. For instance, you can see your worker traveled 18 miles when the next job he completed was only 10 miles away.

  1. A field service app spots the engineer wasting time on paperwork.

Perhaps you’ve questioned your engineers about why they’re completing a project so slowly. They may have given you the excuse that they must take time to complete the necessary paperwork and regulatory compliance forms.

A field service app puts an end to this problem. With a service management system powered by the Internet, paperwork can no longer be an excuse. Your workers will have the ability to access and complete all necessary forms on their mobile devices.

That means your engineers:

  • can no longer waste time coming to the office to drop off paperwork.
  • can’t say it takes too long to complete the paperwork because they can fill out forms directly on the field service app.
  • can’t use missing paperwork as an excuse because all necessary forms can be attached to the job task on their app.

If an engineer gives completing compliance forms as an excuse, you’ll have the warning signal you need to search for a more likely reason for the lack of productivity.

  1. A field service app spots the engineer wasting time on the job.

Lengthy projects do occur in field service management. But it’s possible a mobile worker is frittering away time while on the job site without your knowledge. It’s easy to become so busy running your company that you don’t evaluate how productive your employees actually are. This is where your field service app comes in.

Service tracking allows your workers to send status updates from the job site using their app. You’ll compare an engineer’s timesheet to what they have actually accomplished. Task by task, you can see how long it’s taking your engineer to complete jobs and easily identify an unproductive engineer. From GPS tracking to status updates, cloud-based field service management software helps you catch and put a stop to waste in your company.

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