How Can Joblogic Software Streamline Work Order Management?

How Can Joblogic Software Streamline Work Order Management?

A work order management system gives facility managers the tools they need to track, manage and monitor all work order information within a single system. They can easily create work orders and update requests as well as track work completion across multiple facilities.

Work order management software (aka job management software) simplifies the process of planning and tracking preventive maintenance and allows managers to enter a work order and dispatch it to an engineer in just a couple of clicks.

Importance of work order managementWhy is work order management software so important?

A well-organised work order system is crucial to long-term success. Businesses often need to log hundreds of jobs per day and therefore need a quick and effective way of recording and scheduling their work. This helps to increase productivity and keep customers happy.

Managing operations with pen and paper will slow down this process and lead to a catalogue of errors. It can cause delays in jobs being logged, scheduled and carried out, which limits your job management capabilities. Repeated mistakes and delays can also become costly, making work order management all the more important for optimising your efficiency.

Benefits of work order management software

Create effective maintenance schedules

Work order management software

Joblogic allows schedulers to select a frequency of visits to each site. Whether these visits recur weekly, monthly or quarterly, the system will create these visit dates for you automatically. Once the maintenance work has been scheduled, you can allocate engineers and equipment to each job easily. Job scheduling software can also help to forecast work completion times, allowing you to see exactly how long a job should take. This helps you to allocate your resources effectively.

Increased data transparency

Joblogic’s customer portal allows clients to see the real-time status of a job without needing to contact you via phone or email. This can reduce admin and save a lot of time in the office. With a real-time dashboard, customers can view their key metrics and download detailed job reports. This ensures that their important data is easily accessed and clearly visible. The portal will show icons against each job to signify when an engineer is travelling, on-site or when they have completed the job.

Complete more jobs per day

Work order management software will automate all your tasks to greatly reduce the admin burden. This eliminates errors and reduces the time taken from logging a job to scheduling and deploying it to an engineer. For example, Joblogic has helped electrical utility giant, E.ON, to carry out roughly 60 more jobs each month. This is because their engineers no longer have to return to the office to submit paperwork. All work is now submitted online via the Joblogic Mobile app which saves them half an hour at the end of each working day.

Work order management systemImprove communications

Although increased data transparency helps to reduce the number of phone calls per day, employees will sometimes need to contact a colleague or customer.

Joblogic’s VoIP telephony system provides a flexible means of communication. With access to a fully-integrated, cloud-based system available to an unlimited amount of users, staff have a simple way of contacting both employees and customers using any device.

To learn more about Joblogic, book a demo with us today. Our specialised team of trainers will be happy to guide you through our platform to help determine how it can enhance your business.

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