The Rise of the Customer Portal

The Rise of the Customer Portal

Weblogic is an online portal which enables your customers to have real-time access to their job information. It is fully integrated with your Joblogic system. Web, or customer, portals are game-changers in winning and keeping service contracts. More and more service contractors are being asked to provide high-quality information to their clients. Nowadays the quality of the information provided to customers is as important as the quality of the work that you carry out. Find out how customer portal software, like Joblogic, is helping to change the field service landscape.

Who can access it?

You can give access to your customers, individual site managers or area managers that look after multiple sites. You can also set up admin access for your own colleagues so that they can access dashboard information in meetings or on TV screens in the office.

How can they access it?

Weblogic is online 24/7, 365 days per year. The customer uses their internet browser to log on. You simply need to set up a username (the customer’s email address) and password. You can configure permissions so that they only see the information that you would like to share. The address is

Can they access their jobs in real-time?

Yes. Your customers can log on and see the current status of their jobs. They can view job notes, attachments such as photos and forms and job signatures. Remember that for real-time status updates you will need to implement Joblogic Mobile. Giving your customer’s job access dramatically reduces the number of chase calls coming into your business and gives a great impression to clients.

Can they view their site asset/equipment registers?

Yes. A full asset register is available for each site showing the customer what they have on-site in each location with serial numbers and installation dates. Clients can also view full planned maintenance reports for their buildings and assets. Remember a lot of clients might have poor asset data so this is a leap forward for them and their own compliance.

Can my clients approve quotations?

Yes. Your customer can log in and see any quotes that are awaiting their approval. They can accept your quote through a simple screen and enter their comments, order number and any attachments such as a purchase order pdf. This makes you easy and convenient to buy from and reduces the admin in chasing new business.

Can a customer log their own jobs?

Yes. Allowing your customers to log jobs frees up your back office team to do other things. It’s also a great option for your clients that might not have their own job management system. Your team will get an alert when a new job is logged to ensure that nothing gets missed. Remember all of these features are optional so it’s easy to disable them if required.

Can my customers access their invoices?

Yes. All historical invoices can be accessed from the portal. They can print or download an invoice. They can also open a related job. This is a really slick way of resolving invoice disputes or chasing payment as all information is together in one system.

Is there a dashboard?

Yes. There are two dashboards. One for job data and one for quotations. We will soon be introducing a financial dashboard too. Your clients can access the job dashboard which gives them important high-level metrics such as first-time fix % and KPI reports.

You can give your own colleagues access to the job or quote dashboard too. Many of our clients display this data on a large TV in their office to keep everyone informed of performance.

Joblogic dashboard on a desktop computer screen

What does it cost?

Weblogic is free so fill your boots!

Can I link it to my company’s website?

Yes. Email and we will send you a small snippet of HTML code to pass to whoever looks after your website. Creating a client login button on your site and linking it to Weblogic is a small job. This will drive more traffic to your site which is great for search engine optimisation. It also demonstrates your company’s investment in technology and commitment to excellent service.

Can I use my own company branding?

Yes. We know that your branding and corporate image are important. You can upload your logo into Weblogic to let your customers know that this is your system.

How can I find out more?

Contact the sales team for advice or give us a call on freephone 0800 326 5561. We’ll be happy to help you take your service offering to the next level with our field service CRM software.

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