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Letter from CEO: 2017 Summary and 2018 Plans

Dear Joblogic Customers,

On behalf of the team at Joblogic I would like to wish you, your colleagues and families a really Happy Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for continuing to support us as we build the next generation of Joblogic software and continue to invest in our infrastructure and customer support. During 2017 we added 9 new people to the development, sales, marketing and support teams.

2017 has been a really big year for us. In April we officially launched the new web-based version of Joblogic. We had spent the best part of 18 months getting the system ready and now it’s hosted on the truly world class Microsoft Azure cloud. This platform delivers the best possible resilience and security to you.

Since April we’ve been busy working on features. We have recently added in the planned maintenance (PPM) module for companies that need to schedule regular visits to perform tasks or service assets. We’ve also launched our ‘customer journey’ module which automatically emails your customer to keep them informed of each important stage of the job, e.g. ‘engineer is on route’.

We are aware that many customers are patiently waiting to be moved to the new system. Our plan is to develop a data migration tool and deliver the rest of the key features (from the Enterprise version of Joblogic) into the new system as quickly as possible.

During 2017 we’ve taken on customers in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Caribbean. In November we set up our Australia office in Sydney. The globalization of Joblogic is a key element of our growth strategy. Revenue generated overseas will be pumped back into product development and improving Joblogic for our UK customers.

For customers in the HVACR industries, we’ve built an important partnership with Refcom for ensuring compliance around the use of refrigerant gas. Joblogic is now the official software partner for Refcom’s FGAS tracking software. We will officially launch this new module at the HVAC & Refrigeration Show in January at the ExCel in London. We have some other exciting partnerships and integrations to announce shortly too.

The plan for 2018 is to keep improving the software and migrate as many customers as we can onto the new system. We’ve got an ambitious roadmap in place but we’re confident that we can deliver on it, given our added resource.

Part of our commitment to our customers is to invest in becoming iSO accredited. We have already started this process for iSO9001 and more importantly iSO27001 for data security. This will include a compliance piece for GDPR and the new data protection legislation from April 2018. Our role as a data controller and processor on behalf of our customers means that this is vital for our business. As Joblogic forms a critical part of your own business process this is an important piece in protecting your customer’s data.

Thank you again for your continued support and your loyalty as we strive to build the ultimate service management platform. James Watmore's signature





James Whatmore

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