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Set Your Team Up for Success with Job Management Software for Tradesmen

It’s no secret that today’s tradesmen are busier than ever, and managing their schedule is a full-time job in itself. Even if you’re handling a small team, not having the right software to track your projects can make it challenging to keep up with your jobs, clients and invoices.

That’s where Joblogic management software for tradesmen can assist. This simple-to-use platform is perfect for managing projects, costs and staff as well as automating the invoices process. And best of all, it’s flexible enough to work across several industries – from HVAC service to property maintenance.

Job Management Software for Tradesmen – What is it Exactly?

Joblogic is designed to provide the tools you need to improve everyday work efficiency, by reducing mistakes and keeping your team on track. Business owners can seamlessly integrate this project management software into their existing systems and devices.

So how can Joblogic benefit your company? Here are a few key reasons to digitise your business:

  • Have a graphical view of projects to see where bottlenecks are occurring
  • Allows you share files and communicate with your workers wherever they are
  • Customisable reports and statistics showing all aspects of your company
  • Evaluate both reactive and proactive maintenance by identifying and evaluating your KPIs

With Joblogic, business owners get a complete picture of their organisation. Below we’ll discuss some of the main features of our job management software and why it’s a must-have:

Keep Your Clients in the Loop

Clients have confidence in a business that is transparent with their work processes and progress, especially smaller organisations that rely on local referrals. If your customers aren’t provided status updates, they might hesitate to work with you in the future. 

With Joblogic’s CRM software for tradesmen, that information is only a click away. Our customer portal software offers clients up-to-date project information, providing job notes, photos, certifications, and invoices upon completion. 

Clients can also see icons of where a service worker is at any given point: leaving, en route or when they’ve finished their service. If your client isn’t online when their field service worker is on the way, our software will send notifications via SMS and email. 

Boost Service Efficiency

How many times have you had emergency jobs appear on a Friday afternoon? You attempt to contact your nearby service staff, but their phones go to voicemail, leaving you in a bind.

With Joblogic’s scheduling software for tradesmen, you’ll be immediately notified on your phone, tablet or laptop when a new job comes in. A field worker can then be assigned directly, and will be privy to customer information such as appointment time, address, access instructions and site assets.

Additionally, Joblogic also ensures your business keeps up with industry compliance. Your tradesmen can be given health and safety forms and other form templates available in our library, including risk assessments, vehicle checklists, and even customer satisfaction surveys.

Job Management Software for Tradesmen – What is it Exactly?

Track and Prioritise Jobs so You Never Miss a Deadline

For smaller staff teams that have to juggle service, sales, and administration, incorporating a robust job tracking software is essential to keep track of scheduled jobs. 

Joblogic provides a calendar feature that displays the status of every job, which can be tagged by priority. You’ll also be able to see the exact time your team has spent on a job and how much longer it will take.

Managers using our easy-to-use dashboard can generate detailed reports, which can be sent to clients via PDF files. You can filter reports to display specific key metrics, such as total outstanding jobs, job dates, asset registers and first-time fix rates – all shown in an easy-to-digest format.

Create Invoices that Represent Your Brand

No matter the size of your business or industry, proper invoicing and cash flow management are essential. If you frequently send late and inaccurate invoices, you’ll be losing out on money and the goodwill of your customers.

Joblogic offers one of the best invoicing software for tradesmen, so managing your accounts receivables becomes simple. 

Our easy-to-use system lets your worker’s fill out an invoice right after the job is complete, adding labour and material mark-ups while automatically calculating the total hours spent on the project. Alternatively, our batch invoicing tool lets you email multiple invoices simultaneously, saving time and energy. 

To further impress clients, you can demonstrate your professionalism by customising invoice templates to reflect your brand. Incorporate our tradesman invoice software today and say goodbye to generic spreadsheet-style invoices that aren’t personalised for your clients.

Professional and Customisable Quotes to Improve Customer Service

Joblogic’s tradesman quote software lets you create accurate and detailed quotes, estimates and invoices from a central platform, anywhere at any time. Your team can produce quotes on-site with attached files and images, which is then sent to their back office for approval.

Customise templates according to your client’s specifications or brand image – this way, they are always getting a quote specific to their needs. Once you’re satisfied with your template, it can be used repeatedly across every web and mobile device using the Joblogic platform.

With real-time tracking, you’ll also be able to see how long each quote is taking, so if there are delays in getting quotes approved or invoices sent out, it will show up on your dashboard for management teams to act instantly. This means you’ll no longer have to put up with double bookings, lost quotes or late invoices!

Is Joblogic Job Management Software for Tradesmen Right for You?

We created job management software to make project management painless and easy for you and your service staff. Our software is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any device, saving costs by eliminating paper processes such as spreadsheets and whiteboards.

If you’re in dire need of tradesman job management software to streamline your field service business, Joblogic is the only software you’ll ever need. Book a demo with us today, and our industry experts will guide you on how our software works.

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